Its a track record that’s re-occurring ,

Wealthy African American attempts to buy a struggling American company and achieve the extreme American dream from the bottom to the top empire building . who would have thought or know that Bill Cosby would be financed enough to offer to buy the struggling NBC network twice , now we see later that Microsoft placed the bid for and untimely we had MSNBC for years . was it a great acquisition , yep ! I love my Hotmail and its functions which is now Skype but NBC is now a valuable company and it owns its name again .  Back to the Matter  after making the Network so much money , why would Bill Cosby be denied the opportunity to establish a nationally owned black television network , this is the man who created fat Albert and Lil Bill , Bill Cosby promoted literacy and family Values and his show didn’t cross to many boundary’s of what we would consider Coon style behavior. and who can forget Dwayne Wayne and a different world ? we forget the Black impact that bill Cosby had on My generation and others who had the chance to live thru TV at that time

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in this New York times article you can read the piece on Cosby efforts ,Cosby tries again to buy NBC network: Not for sale, says GE, but bid is prepared, ( )   it was the Early 90’s so races was as it still is a Latent and Overt problem in the economy be it housing , schooling or industries owned , the wealth held from slavery is still here , and Cosby was not the only successful African American to try and do something Big , significant for the people to see , or John H. Johnson owner of Ebony and Jet Magazine faced Protest from his own people , but the way Mr. Johnson Handled and Explained the situation he personally faced to the crowd of protestors he invited into his building was exceptional . Haki R. Madhubuti ( ) would later give an account of what happened . In the Book The Farrakhan Factor we have Mr. Madhubuti’s testimony or explanation via 3rdparty

“The Protest followed Johnson’s discontinuance of Black World and the dismissal of the Magazines editor Howard Fuller , A Highly respected Journalist. Madhubuti reports that a large group set up picket lines around Johnsons new, multistory building on Michigan avenue in downtown Chicago. within the first hour of demonstration, Mr Johnson Himself appeared and invited the group inside for a talk . there, Johnson told the group that he halted the publication of Black world and Fired Fuller for refusing to cease Publishing the Palestinian side of the Middle east struggle and the African support for that Struggle. he did so he said , ” because Jewish Businessmen threated to pull their advertising out of ebony and jet Magazine and would have convinced their gentile friends to do the same if the middle east coverage didn’t stop “

there’s a reason I titled this Blog BLACK BALLED ! because im not done with examples . remember Marcus Mosiah Garvey , and the black star line ? that would have been nothing in comparison to what Tyler Perry was about to do . When American airlines was Broke and needed a buyer guess who was rumored to put up $5 million ? that could have been a great step but the media ridiculed the idea saying he would change the name to AAA African.American.Airlines simple minded Latent racism was used again . Im reminded of Bob Johnson another African American  Mogul you know the Face behind Bet well what we knew as Bet in the earlier years . I remember the excitement of the announcement ” Black owned airline to be owned by Bob Johnson, “  some thought he betrayed African Americans by working with the Bush white house ( ) I read this entire article and I found a man with a plan and a dream out for his interest and ours. its sad African Americans have a problem with African Americans trying to earn their Money . its your economy . so when people like Bill Cosby go on a rant ( )  he’s justified , if we cant do better there’s no change those who can push us can lift the weigh of our ignorance there’s no way for us to go around being BLACK BALLED , in-fact we have Black Balled ourselves ,

Brother B.B. Robinson Ph.D said in his article ( )

The measures that I prepared revealed that:

  • On a current market price basis, blacks were responsible for about $1.3 trillion of the $14.4 trillion of 2008 GDP and were responsible for about $1.2 trillion of the $14.1 trillion of 2009 GDP.
  • On a real basis (accounting for inflation), blacks were responsible for about $1.2 trillion of the $13.2 trillion of 2008 real GDP and were responsible for about $1.1 trillion of the $12.9 trillion of 2009 real GDP.



it really is time to take a step back and improve on what our elders established for us time to really listen to what they have to say in the physical before we only have the spiritual form of communication left , if we are going to buy Jordans lets hold him Accountable for Black jobs and a Black community structure , but lets be accountable to maintain it properly and with the love of our culture not its ignorance , if where going to watch steve Harvey and listen to him , lets hold him accountable for his teaching methods  with small institutes of learning and relationship counseling lets be accountable for our direction and nobody can ever black ball you because you will hold an Even ability to play the game of structure and personal control !



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