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see while others are out there searching for god or waiting for Jesus , praying to Allah and meditating to Krishna I find myself tuning into me , seriously if you recognize the information that’s for you and not, your life begins to get much more simple I listen to a lot of people constantly , I gain perspective see topics from others people’s eyes and mind ,  and when I’m in deep thought I usually get an answer , recently my answers have come from a particular direction Dhealthstore . when I see the constant confusion injected into the so-called ” conscious community ” POP here’s goes a video relevant to where I need to be going anyway , screw the distraction stay on the path . I call him an injection of truth , relevant truth when it’s needed , astrology ,numerology and logic – I’m a student of logic so when it’s around I pay attention . Acknowledgement of greatness or at least leadership is required in the journey some of us choose to take , you have to be outspoken , strong in thought and holding convictions on what ever topic you choose to discuss ,

man Djheuty Ma’at Ra is the truth when it comes to telling you how it is , you need to learn how to eat right you tube em, you need to understand health , youtube em , you need to get perspective on theory , youtube em , but what I like the most is that he will respond to you if you have a question and if you lack self love and inject your hate towards him , real recognize real , so I see dude from across the united snakes


now Ill be the first to tell you im no 100% vegan , I believe in eating meat that you actually care and grow yourself , fish you actually catch and ask for forgivness and for the best of its nutrients , see peopledidnt get the message in the movie avatar , I did its means much more we must remember too keep the balance and the man who advocates keeping the balnce or trying to I understand ,

there are others out there spreading the raw vegan food eating habit , not nobody as defined and inept , nobody with a product line behind his words some people fear money , or are to scared to enter into the matrix to free souls , information free souls a

but paper cost money that’s just the way it is we have to fund our endevours and projects studies and research we are decades possibly years 1oo’s of years behind serious national independence of any sort ,

ill take the  time out my day to feed my brain this brothers information , his perspective

gotta respect experience and lessons learned , I don’t like people who inject confusion into an already vulnerable situation . so I listen to those who do not show confusion in their message . some people listen to what I say others look for the negative to attack me for what ever purpose suits them , and anybody on the front trying to fix these issues faced by not only people of the continent of Africa world wide especially here in America but of all people and Nature as a complete and balanced who , universal laws says that if we forget take care of home the universe will clean and take care of it for us ,

you cant be out looking for religion that’s personal you should be out looking for truth that’s what matters , finding yourself is finding your people the condition they face and the ways to fix it , you can be free to be in a community of all black faces and shades incomplete comfort , in knowing security , life is protected by black faces of all shades , its a problem when I say such things because its a threat to all white societies as was black wall streets . but today is different if we are willing to complete change , eat right , take care of our land , exercise   our heart and lungs practice moderation and not over consumption


shop Dhealthstore

and trust me im not getting paid to say this I just have done the research and I cannot dispute any of his health information and if he has  the resources to bring the information and the substance im for supporting and supplying him the capital to do further research and create further products

I truly believe in support black owned establishments

catch  all vids of Djehuty Ma’at Ra on you tube


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