the universal zulu nation

The Beliefs of the Universal Zulu Nationank

As stated on their official website, the Universal Zulu Nation recognize that in the new millennium it is time to abandon belief systems in favor of “factology”. The following fifteen tenets then represent the Zulu Nation “of the last millennium”:[4] Belief in the Abrahamic God Belief in the validity of the Bible (Old and New) and Qur’an Belief that the scriptures have been tampered with Belief that history textbooks and other educational materials have been negatively influenced by white-supremacist doctrines “We believe in truth whatever it is. If the truth or idea you bring us is backed by facts, then we as Amazulu bear witness to this truth. Truth is Truth.” Belief that religion should not make adherents into a slave or zombie but should instead make them a fighter for Freedom, Justice, and Equality for all Human Beings. Belief that racism is attempting to destroy civilization Belief that humanity must stop destroying the environment “We believe in the mental resurrection of the dead. There are many of the Human race who are blind, deaf, and dumb to the knowledge of Self and others and we feel the ones who know should teach.” Belief that mathematics is the foundation for all reality “We believe in the seen and what is to be known of the unseen. We believe in the Power of the mind, and that knowledge is as infinite as God himself.” Belief in equal justice for all. Belief in peace unless provoked. “We believe in Power, Education in truth, Freedom, Justice, Equality, Work for the people and the upliftment of the people.” “The Universal Zulu Nation stands for knowledge, wisdom, understanding, freedom, justice, equality, peace, unity, love, respect, work, fun, overcoming the negative, economics, mathematics, science, life, truth facts, faith, and the oneness of God.”


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