Cassidy may be the Myan Prophesy

Cassidy Has risen like a Phoenix

I would have thought of all people another rep, a philly native would just leave it be . some fame is warranted but im not sure meek mills comprehended the beef at this pace

All 80’s babies I can probly guarantee are listening like damn homey you in highschool and you was da man homey ?

Now im behind ya music it makes me feel good , but I come from an understanding of respecting elders even when they wrong , and if you challenge them you gotta have ya moves ready because elders play chess and have ace cards , any thirsty person would jump at the change to increase revenue on someone who can pay them the attention or fame they may have been lacking from label’s or the industry, that black ball is real and real because it describes your people , im hoping you’re not an uncle tom , naa not the house negro I know better , feel like you got it , and Cassidy still young and so seasoned its hard to predict when it becomes his game eventually , pay homage as we should

now to anybody who would say why would I even mention this battle shit , look at your conscious community and its beef , stop thinking you are above universal law or even your belief , we are what we eat , be it reality or not , also id like to remind people of the essence of Hip Hop , The Battle rap , it is what makes rap or Hip hop or music interesting, it explain our  inner thoughts or lower vibrations for us , and the beat is soul touching , how can you understand or understand real rap raw ? nah in reality if you ever voted at the punch line and never mention Cassidy after Big-L I really don’t know if you grasp da battle rap or punch line concept

this world once you pay for internet access or unless you hack has well youtube . and you a use it to verify any of Cassidy’s tracks this brother is underrated far far far underrated, and his challengers usually lose maybe somebody can catch him slipping one day but that’s not today


yea that is a bit hard to top or compete with so , im not a rap expert or even relevant to the  industry but I got a voice an well hell ima use it , throat chakra meditation along with the 7hand  chakras I use in my key board Bruce lee technique relevant to momentum hopefully those with eyes see and ears hear ,  im not worried about these irrelevant critics anymore , so keep going as I will just show your attacks for what they are , this aint battle rap and if I get 10 minutes to drop information on people punch line intended on my doubters then so be it but ill reserve my attacks to teachings ? the peaceful ideas are still around but more aggression is building worldly as most women also understand the female principles ,

okay I feel , maybe im biased , but Cassidy vs freeway im just a part of the battle rap era so I remember what had you brothers wanting to really be rappers back in the day , im from the lunch room battle era so I understand what that win means when they spitting ya punch lines a month later in the high school halls , its the essence , call it the African American , the black adition to the culture of the world , we are our own people , once we embrace and control that fact there is no problem in letting  any negative effects of our doing truly affect love the game love my family love the people , self love self improving self is in the mirror and the mirror is your people !


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