African Genocide , Eugenics at work !

                    when you discuss racial topics , no wait lemme be clear . when you discuss topics affecting the Africans of todays society , of todays world , globally you cant turn a blind eye to the circumstances these people face. if we step outside of a Eurocentric , western-Americanized frame of thought and observe colonialism for what it really is and what it has really done to the entire planets balance , if we leave the entitlement perspective out of the equation and consider right and wrong , good and evil , love or hate then we can no longer turn a blind eye to the treatment of African peoples by non Africans and by Africans ,

To sit back and let the people from the land of our origin be sterilized , attacked , and controlled as far as population then we turn our back on ourselves .  why constantly are Ethiopians in Israel protesting , and marching against Racism? if you don’t see Race or color yourself , are you blind to the world , the worlds problems  ?  its sad ,the media wont portray this story as it should be told , or at least represented in the light as Israel is always in the news regarding the Arab’s and Palestine

The people  who express the most content and rejection that we are connected to these Ethiopian’s in distress  are some of my Hebrew Israelite brothers of color , I’m weary of a man who can embrace a Puerto Rican who is 75% more likely to be of the house of Esau then those of the Ethiopian , or the Native American currently living today as most of these tribes held slaves or took part in the extermination of the Black or African natives who built the mounds of America. I watched a man, A black Man turn away Another Black man because he was African , this Ignorance , and yes I mean Ignorance is only irrelevant when a white cop is shooting and screaming Nigger at them both , and it shouldn’t take that sort of means to change this paradigm. it shouldn’t take any resistance to embrace another brother and feed him truth no matter your personal feelings toward a past that may or may not be true

AbyssiniaOr Nubia was one of the first places mentioned in the Bible , ill be honest after reading and reading and understanding , the bible I’m certain the Garden of Eden is located in either Ethiopia or Uganda today . The Rastafarian Nations all Attribute the decedent of king Solomon , Emperor  Haile Salassie to be the official Blood line of the Hebrew Israelite’s and the Queen of Sheba . Ethiopia or the Ethiopian people are the Prime Example of Semitic people . so in Reality The Nation State of Israel is practicing an Anti-Semitic standard toward the original Semitic peoples  , Ironic . History will tell you that People Migrated Into Ethiopia from Arabia , that history is from a European perspective , a bias on the account that Europeans hold dear the words of the bible and not the facts of historical migrations or genetics which prove the people of Arabia actually for migrants from Ethiopia , this is why it is important that those in power try their hardest to eliminate this part of history from the minds of the world

Maybe if it was known that Emperor Menelik the 2nd , stopped the so called  Mighty Italian Army from Invading Ethiopian , in the Battle of Adwa ( ) more of us would be exactly like the Black soldiers who signed up to Defend Ethiopia from the vengeful heart of  Benito Mussolini and the Ego shattered Italian Army , we forget Emperor Haile Salassie Stood before the League Of Nations and Asked Why they Had Forsaken the great Nation of Ethiopia

Listen As an emperor speaks to his betrayers

so today I stand , article after article on how the People of the Bible , the people spoken of by Shakespeare , and eternally marked on the Walls of  Cush Nubia and Khemet or Egypt to those who have not heard these names prior , Logically , morally , how can we sit back and just watch as these peoples are exterminated , sterilized and entrapped , the world is cruel , the color of your skin binds you to a fate you cannot control , all you can do is fight and scream out , all while being the Blamed Victim , the perpetual suspect even when you are in the right of all right , and not a single strand of wrong can be found , that skin color , the Darkness the melanin is your affliction to the ignorance of the people in a position to cause harm . how long will your soul feel the injustice before you say something speak out ? I think we fear retribution from the mental imprint of these Europeans taking away all they have Given to this world , I say keep it every-time I turn around this world is in turmoil strife , disarray ,  war famine , intentional starvation and displacement of peoples indigenous or not . its actually sickening to see and not say anything about , its hard to hear about and not feel any type of way ! I feel pain for almost every afflicted peoples but I feel it more for the peoples who have been afflicted for so long , maybe its a payback these people once ruled the world , and may have subjugated all other peoples to the same treatment , but that’s neither here nor there , we cant find evidence to that affect all we find now is evidence to the contrary on all recent events recorded in history , my people good people take your time and see if Eugenics has not taken on a form and attacked these peoples man women and child , old and young , healthy and sick they all face persecution , the ability to help is but a word away but the word has to be spoken from millions who can no longer tolerate others being treated so inhumane . what will you tell your children when finally they exterminate the Ethiopians , we will be no better then those who sat by an let the indigenous people of Tasmania become Extinct ! 


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