Polyandry – ( poly – many ) ( andry – Husbands )

After my last interview its only fair I get indebt into the topic of Polyandry , my views , my perspective and my encounters should all be laid out so that its clear for the people to understand. ill try to be as logical in my arguments as possible , you can take the view or stance from 2 different angels psychological and sociological . Above all you can factor in sexuality and its evolution , the woman posses powers men are completely weak to, and when women are in power army’s tend to fight harder , from a historical perspective , most monarchs forged under the strength of women lasted long enough to be remembered or are still in place. now this is how I feel and I could be wrong, but when I study history I find women of strength behind or on the throne of power .


To even try to understand Polyandry I had to understand the paradigm that women face , women of power women without , a society based in masculine doctrine and hypocritical contradicting oaths , men tend to forget the double standard we place on women those who we consider hoes and those we don’t . I can in-fact guess that some of the men reading this now have partaken in an event where more then one man penetrated a women on a single given day back to back , we call that running a train , and ive literally taken to the forethought that these men my self included were used by the power of the pussy, women even in an unaware state don’t willingly give themselves to men , women seek just as much pleasure as men when it comes to sex , women rule just as men


its complete ignorance to think that Side Dudes are not as Relevant as side Chicks , women are just as controlling as any man , and in-fact posses some qualities that men cant refute , or deny or resist . women have been know to rule vast empires and no taboo was associated with her having male sex relief from multiple partners , if you are an honest man and accept polygamy then logically you have to accept polyandry. not on religious or theological principle but on logical real world theology that is all encompassing . the question are there in your mind as we speak . how will the men know who’s child is theirs ? ill address these issues as I have a text or several with specifics I intend to answer humbly, honest, and with as much nobility as possible . but before I even go to that level I just want to make sure other information regarding the subject is available to the people , so I found a few video’s on YouTube on the subject matter .


brothers share a wife in India


Artificial Breasts & Polyandry, from “Women of the World”

what can be said about women with many men , a lot as we found out in the @JoeBuddens track Ordinary Love shit part 3 , http://youtu.be/r9m8kFpZg9Q _ its clearly written that men as well as women have dealt in Polygamy thru-out history, in-fact infidelity as it is know today is a modern concept set forth by church proclamation after proclamation, in the Encyclopedia of Christianity under the title of Marriage you will find the psychological imprints yet contradictions as it pertains to church history and church evangelism, the Book Presents a theological theory Not That Marriage has had the same form in Europe and in countries colonized by Europe , Strict Monogamy has been the rule – Doubtless under the influence First of Classical ( Greek ) and then Christian Culture ” .My aware Friends may not like this concept but you are still brainwashed if your ideals of relationships culture and society are still western based , do I deny Love no , do I deny finding you soul mate or match no , but just like I cant deny a monogamous relationship I cant deny a polygamous one either , and in any form . Nobody would Deny Stability for a Family raised in a fully functional household is optimal and should take priority over all , but I believe the strain of everything but Monogamy being taboo , is causing more harm then good .

Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge

History of Marriage

” The views concerning the Numbers, Rights, and Duties of Married persons concerning the dissolvability of marriage have differed much and still differ in various places. Gen-18-42 Has lost its authoritie force as proof text since sociology shows that monogamy is a result late in its Development. The Matriarchate, an extensive community in women was the first stage, with the origins of patriarchate and of private property women took the position of a chattel polygamy was originated , after which the private property and of inheritance led to Monogamy!

I’ve seen a lot of bitter men , angry Mad they put extra love into a women and the ideas of monogamy that has been told to them over and over again during their lives , these men create families with these women devote massive amounts of energy to this women all to find out , she is not bound by the Ideas of Monogamy set forth by predecessors who show no real substance to the practice , if no man should be bound then no women should be bound either , and if we are to be bound it should be to each other and our cultural-preservation


taken from ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyandry_in_India )

Draupadi with her five husbands – the Pandavas. The central figure is Yudhishthira; the two on the bottom are Bhima and Arjuna. Nakula and Sahadeva, the twins, are standing.

Jaunsar Bawar

” Polyandry is still practiced in Jaunsar-Bawar in Uttarkhand.[14] A distinct group of people called Paharis live in the lower ranges of Himalayas in Northern India from southeastern Kashmir all the way through Nepal. Polyandry has been reported among these people in many districts but studied in great detail in Jaunsar-Bawar. It is a region in Dehradun district in Uttar Pradesh. The practice is believed to have descended from their ancestors who had earlier settled down in the plains from Himalayas.[15] Polyandrous union occurs in this region when a woman marries the eldest son in a family. The woman automatically becomes the wife of all his brothers upon her marriage. The brothers can be married to more than one woman if the first woman was sterile or if the age differential of the brothers were high. The wife is shared equally by all brothers and no one in the group has exclusive privilege to the wife. The woman considers all the men in the group her husband and the children recognize them all their father “

the research , is out there but reality is smacking you in the face , from women who have remarried or men who killed their spouses because of another man in their life , we have pushed a natural instinct into the depths of the human subconscious , I hate comparing us to wild-life but we possess all if not many characteristics , from the primate to the feline we are no different but we are different , our own species collectively

I wont go any further ill just leave this recent Post which will probably continue to grow



3 thoughts on “Polyandry – ( poly – many ) ( andry – Husbands )”

  1. This disgusts me. Black women for instance are not used in getting married. Because of slavery. You know that our women were breed as doggs. She was raped by several men to become pregnant so the slaveowner had more slaves. Also the run-away marroons were predominantly men. They came to the slave houses to get women and ammunition. The result of this was that one escaped slave woman became the wife of more than one Marroon man as all of them wanted a wife, and wanted children. This too made a lot of women have more men. And scattered our values of marriage and relationships. The African ancestor was not like this. We did have dignity. And if Pologamy is alright by me in African culture. But not for the women.

  2. This is not an Afront to women , but a revaluation to a practice that did occur I’m aware of the maroons and the rapes , but my studies were based on all aspects and polyandry shocked me but I looked at it in today’s standards and I realized that if marriage is a concept fairly new in its structure so is relationships , again this is not to down a women or man but to provide an understanding of human nature

  3. U have a very nice website over here. I just wanna say thanks for all the interesting information on it. I’ll follow your website if you keep up the good work!

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