2013 is going to be a Year of Great Progress

  • I have refused to ingest the negative lower vibratory speech of the world ending or a select few people are going to ascend
  • I’ve taken to not believing in the time predicted by any man today . We have seen it before and should be beyond it by now
  • the progress and steps made by those who came before us is further more why we should keep moving forward
  • the vibrations of the planet may be moving but that’s a mental manifestation the activation is happening because it’s what we want
  • eventually this realization will be reached within the souls of the people , mental contamination can change or evolve us
  • I  am happy that some chose to awaken to the truth
  • I am happy that some understand their roots
  • I am happy that some have found their path
  • and I am happy I’m alive at this time with the hands of the ancestors guiding me .
  • lets move past the tricks and games ‘
  • it will not continue into the future anymore ! the drum beat has been started and the time of spiritual awakening is manifesting
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