The Making Of A Leader

The Making Of A Leader .

My interview with Hev Hayes.


what is really needed by the people ?

the march the chant , the illusion or idea of change ?

at what point will people really be prepared for the coming events that are destine to happen the , the world is changing the change is similar to a war . but wars are won at the instant there called out , you  never really know what will come of the world if you never really pay attention to the world ! A world without a leader is a world looking for a leader , its 2012 and Egyptians are just now understanding how to live leader free Syrians how ever it may seem are fighting to remove a leader . Leaders grow intoxicated off power its like a drug and with out a surrounding of well grounded people , the whole society crumbles !

But this is America right Home of the Brave land of the free, but not everybody is free , and the constant goal is to gain or feel freedom , in-fact around the world only a limited amount of people live free another limited amount live under the illusion of freedom,

I choose not to be under any certainty of this society , I choose not to feed off the energy of the people i actually choose to free the people the experiment of no leader because everybody has the same ability to lead or for the most part enough people had the skill set to lead and create a functional society ! You will have people who lead you into Selfish ways i am not saying that is not your path what I’m saying is that is not the path of everyone I’m also saying your means to ascension or faith or belief is not the only one , in-fact  I,m inclined to believe everything we believe , has an origin that predates know time and understanding even our own.

so what makes a leader, better yet! what makes a person great . its the  resonant frequency the persona , and most of the time the truth that they bring . no one leader encompasses all attributes and the best leaders are those who know there specific role and how the fit in the puzzle of national formation .

so what can the power of a women be ? what can the power of a women do for a Nation . “Inject perspective” , logical perspective . when a woman is free from emotion and Logic is her thought process then change is possible . All men with a Brain Knows that you should fear a Woman with A plan . and all we can do is face our Fear so I’ve taken the steps to connect the Gods and Goddess , the Kings and Queens , the priest and Priestess , the Yin and the Yang, the unity that creates a balance that only the world can benefit from.

So recently i had the chance to come across A teacher in the making , the information that was being dropped was well interesting , if your into chakras and energy balance and consciousness spirit and soul. sexuality is a topic that needs dedicated teachers and masters in what is being called the Melanated Community be the knowing or not .It’s not that the information presented is biased toward any Ethnic group of people the  information is just being presented to and represented by a specific ethnic group of people . Heather “Hev Hayes , Creator and Brains behind The Wardrobe Blazer which you can access thru this link .

I give her credit ,she’s very skilled in her styling  and  presents professionalism, she’s a blogger an author a Mother a Women of Melanin. But ‘s  that’s Not what our Conversation was About .

I Interviewed This sister in regards to her relationship experience. as a Mother of Six young Princes and One Young Queen i felt she was qualified to answer a few question, black women Have a Dogma associated with certain relationship structures point Blank ” Polygamy


My Interview of Teacher Hev Hayes

I’m pretty sure you feel the dramatic change that is happening to people across the globe , but my concern for the moment is right here at home the current paradigm the people face. my fundamental principals are family the structures the psychological and the sociological .

I’m pretty sure you have heard the phrase ” Side chick or Side Dude ” what’s your feelings towards this verbal characterization of infidelity ? has society in your view accepted a latent form of Polygamy ?

Polygamy has been practiced for many years. You only find in America for it to be Taboo and not openly practiced. Side chick is just a modern term for concubine. Western society secretly accepts polygamy. Politicians, entertainers, and athletes all have taken part in this new form of Polygamy. I think the problem that comes into play is most Americans do it for the wrong reasons.

does religion play a major role in the destruction of the relationship ? for example , by church proclamation the western family is to be of one man one woman and their off spring , this is a rejection of the examples laid down thru the patriarch Jacob or Israel, do you believe that its more beneficial for religion to control your relationship structure or to maintain some form of bond between or in your relationship ?

Religion can destroy or build a relationship depending on how it’s used. Sometimes religion can empower the man and leave the woman without a free thought to speak her mind. Polygamy during biblical times were for many other purposes. I do find it funny that many Christians hate to hear about polygamy but its throughout their bible. In the Israelite religion relationships are under the control of the church. The religion teaches people to have certain ethics and guidelines on how to deal with each other. I still believe the religion went too far on how a man and woman are able to conduct themselves in the bedroom. It was once said the man could only receive oral sex from the woman. The woman wasn’t allowed to receive oral sex because a man was not suppose to worship the woman by bending before her. A bond between a man and woman is between them and should be kept with the two. Personally I would keep religion out of the relationship.

polygamy is a tuff topic for a lot of women to speak about , the thought of sharing anything in a world that is building more on self pleasure-vation in stead of cultural preservation we have become in a small word ” stingy ” with fore sight into modern relationship structures do you feel that polygamy or polyandry will become accepted practices again ?

and if you do condone the practice would you involve yourself in a situation of polygamy or polyandry ?

Again I will say polygamy in America is dealt with in an ugly manner. Black women are taught not to be in situations of more than one woman. Personally I feel black women aren’t cared for properly and not nurtured enough in America to accept the concept of Polygamy. I don’t think we are being stingy. A woman just wants to know that she will remain to have the love, attention, and financial situation she had before the other woman came into the relationship. Men can’t guarantee the woman they’re with that things won’t change. The truth is things will change. So polygamy would have to be treated like a business with verbal and maybe even paper contracts. Polyandry…lol. Men to openly accept the woman to have more than one man…pigs will fly or the world will be totally flipped and back into the matriarch system. I was involved in a polygamist relationship before. I wouldn’t be in a polygamist relationship again because it wasn’t practiced properly. Every man that wants to take part in polygamy should take a class in economics, own a business, know sexual healing and make sure the wives are compatible with each other. I would take part in polyandry if the men were accepting to it. Nine times out of ten most men don’t accept that with women. Personally I think women truly feel like one man will never contain all of what she wants.

from a woman’s perspective how do you or how would you describe a polygamous relationship structure to your children ?

My children understand because I was involved in one for many years. Children are smart and observe everything. When my sons started to ask questions I told them the truth. Children deserve the truth. I told my sons a man sometimes will love more than one woman and want to be with both of them.

I’ve recently gone on your blog and checked out your work on fashion , I must admit I was impressed by your drive and style , professionalism !

as a sister of color what advice can you give women , and men who may feel they have a passion but fail or cant figure out how to go about finding their dreams ?

Failure is only an open opportunity to try again. Passion alone for your talent or dream will move you forward. My advice would be to create visualization boards of how you see your life. Create an affirmation book and say them daily until your dreams become a reality. You should be open to change and explore. The thing is to find something you love to do and master it.

as a student studying to become a teacher how does it feel exploring the Topic of Sexual Health , and healing ?

It feels like a liberation in being a woman. I love sex but finding out the spiritual aspect has made me love it even more. Sex in America has been taught to be a dirty word. We in a sense have corrupted the natural uses of sex. Sex was used for prayer, vitality, and health. As I study I feel empowered with great wisdom on true love. I teach my sons 9-4 yrs old about sex. Children are smart and sex is simple to overstand. If a child can maneuver technology like a professional computer tech than that child can be taught about sex. Sex is healing and able to bring health to all parts of the body. In one way or another everyone needs to be healed. Sex is one of the greatest medicines for the mind, body, and spirit.

if you could make 3 changes in the Melanated as far as relationships economics or freedoms what would they be ?

1 The melanated people have UNITY and all egos, religions, and rank be set aside.


2 Economically I would like to see our businesses be in a network. The businesses be throughout all of our communities circulating the currency many times before it leave out of the communities.


3 Our people be sovereign from America one day having our own true culture, land, currency, and government.


once women are placed back into the thrones of theology , religion , and power ,what will you do to show your divine duties in fixing the world as is to what it should be

My children will be my true gift in fixing this world. Their power and talents alone will be remarkable. I believe many of the children will possess the ability to help bring in a new order. My plans are to speak as much as possible on issues that affect the people. I want to get with like minded people and we put in action some change. I hope to build communities that will grow into kingdoms of great wealth. Most important I know the first start of change begins at home and within.

you plan on bringing a relatively unique topic to the people , only a few have touched on the topic , and a few are coming back into all over again , what will be your method and strategy for reaching the people

My first strategy is to be real with people. The topics I want to teach about such as sexual healing and spiritual sovereignty most people shy away from. I have plans to write books, hopefully go on a tour and teach, and do many hands on and in person activities possible. People want to see you do the work and get involved. I believe melanted conscious positive people are not a dying breed. Its never too late to wake another sister or brother out of their sleep. We all are meant to do something on this earth. My purpose is to lead and help lay a foundation for our future.

Peace King…its been a pleasure.

I don’t Rubber Stamp things Often I know that if I place my name on something I’m liable to be blamed for whatever wrongs may be associated with it , but I’m sure the people will find the information rewarding once they  look for understanding in it

you can also see other work of Miss Hayes at

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