Guns Hit Me Close Often .

Bullets , magazines , and firearms all require an human and a decision, that decision is weather or not to be the judge jury and executioner of another human, some who have careless expectations of life or whom basically never valued it have no emotional attachment to taking one away , the Current stance on gun control in New York city is stupid , and more people die as more restrictions are placed on weapons that are easily available to the person with the ability and the capital to purchase one or several,

its sad I had to find out a young brothers life was taken , he has become an article a nameless body dead in Brooklyn , a Statistic something for this out of touch mayor to use as an example to throw ample police officers onto the streets to harass the populace for a scant few individual’s and investigations in this area rarely get solved without a snitch , I would suggest the community handle the problem and police our own , but society wants no part of my community having control ,

it didn’t take long for me to find this information , I didn’t doubt the source I just need to confirm that once again I have to consider reality when shown other incidents involving Guns

you really want Gun control , or Gun Safty , we need to start with unrestricting Gun restrictions everybody should have a fair chance to protect themselves , not just a select few , or those who control a modified system

Sandy Hook was a Tragedy , but I live this shit Daily where is the out cry where is the president the mayor the commissioner , the fire department , I wont hold my breath for the media , ill just become the media , ill bring the story that people for get to mention and ill be available to anyone with a story to tell , shit has gotta change and im not gonna keep saying its gotta !