Gun Control ?

Gun Control .

Once Again we are face with a question , To care or to make Aware . i feel pain for any parent who has lost a child or child who has lost a parent but i must recognize the standards at play . i did not free my mind to trap it in emotion bondage as well as any theological bondage .

i watched this clip of Rapper T.I on hot 97 and he said something that i agree with 100 % the idea of gun control only restricts those who would legally purchase a gun for logical protection. Gun control does not and will not Bar a criminal from purchasing or using a Gun , and the apparent Tragedies that trigger this idea of gun control are Baseless and in vain because this Country has no appeitite for Gun restrictions . the Discusson should Be geared toward the type of weapons allowed and or the type of amunition , im for no-lethal as well as lethal means of protection , im for protection in all forms and fashion when being attacked. It is apparent that Gun restrictions and Gun Control are 2 seperate issues ,seperated by race . and you have to be blind or nieve not to recognize it .
The History behind the Right of protection was forged not thru this countries independence but thru the establishment of this country . Had the Africans be Able to push bck the Europeans instead of infighting this country would not exist , if the tasmanian people had the means of protection they would not be know as an extinct race of people . to lose the rights to protect what you have established what you have created and what you put your life into is not the feeling of freedom
as a Product of the inner-city as they call it im not immune to gun violence and the pain it causes , from a good friend who’s last sight was a giants eagles game as the bullet from a 45 caliber weapon penetrated and turned her brain into liquid to the cousin of my younger brother who was killed as a pre-teen by his friend who was to young to face any-time in the matter. And i understand, you should to. Children cant understand Death how we understand it the meaning of never being able to come back turning to dust, back to the earth
Liberty and Freedom comes with responsibilty , we are Able to Handle it without Restrictions or Change on a Major scale politically but on a simple scale morrally . Hiding your weapons . securing them in accessible yet child proof areas just be responsible. its not Hard to be an adult its just easier to be an irresposible child !