Sovereignty ! what power do you give up ?


The possession of sovereign power; supreme political authority; paramount control of the constitution and frame of government and Its administration ; the self-sufficient source of political power, from which all specific political powers are derived; the international independence of a state, combined with the right and power of regulating its internal affairs without foreign dictation; also a political society, or state, which is sovereign and independent. See Chisholm v. Georgia, 2 Dall. 455, 1 L. Ed. 440: Union Bank v. Hill, 3 Cold. (Tenn.) 325; Moore v. Shaw, 17 Cal. 218, 79 Am. Dec. 123. “The freedom of the nation has its correlate in the sovereignty of the nation. Political sovereignty is the assertion of the self-determinate will of the organic people, and in this there is the manifestation of its freedom. It is in and through the determination of its sovereignty that the order of the nation is constituted and maintained.” Mulford, Nation, p. 129. “If a determinate human superior, not in a habit of obedience to a like superior, receive habitual obedience from the bulk of a given society, that determinate superior is sovereign in that society, and the society (including the superior) is a society political and independent.” Aust. Jur.

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again i state that when you claim to be a Sovereign you in fact are a Subject of some Authority  . How can you be legally astute , aware and free if you use this terminology
these so called people claim to use Blacks Law Dictionary , ill in-fact Quote directly from the source seeing as i take notes when i study a typical topic
Sovereign – A Person, Body, State vested with Independence and Supreme Authority 2. The Ruler of an Independent nation
Sovereign People – the political body consisting of the collective number of citizens and qualified electors who possess the power of Sovereignty and excecise them through their Chosen Representative
Now i ask you people Claiming Moor you place your self under this definition , who is your leader Nobel Drew Ali he’s long Ascended , see the idea and premise are good but in actuality claiming Moor at this moment Legally makes you subject of the moroccan king ! according to the laws and the treaty of friendship ,
im just trying to save the people from future deportation , todays legal standings are used in modern terminology even with its etymological definition , understanding legal terms is good , but historical context is historical context , he who wins the wars write the laws , and only unified forces can change any Paradigm
Family Nebu is what Binds us its meaning is Skin  in Ancient Nubian/Egyptian   there is a war going on a genetic war a war for resources and we are being attacked , and the division makes us easy prey . i refuse to consider the enemys definitions to describe the freedom i already know i posses ,
i ask for the people to consider there freedom, consider these attacks on your mind , repetitive speech or visual attacks are aimed at your subconscious , aimed to change your mind , towards someone else’s vision , find what you need to find and verify it as many times as to make i certain, never get stuck in a purpose or cause because then you begin to attack others from your own perspective and not a learned and studied perspective of them , you can fall and be attacked easy by becoming the enemy’s nest asset for winning a battle

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