Agents from Within

It’s funny how some of these people out here looking for agents ! But in reality don’t understand the concept entirely ! An agent is not always sent in by the government agents come from other camps and other factions! Some of us are agents and don’t even know it yet ! And that’s why the message and goal has to be pure of heart pure of concept ! So that agents or so called agents reveal themselves or their true intentions.

I’m steadily confused about these so called conscious people thinking or placing their energy on a city ! including a city in-which they try to attack your people from every angel , if you really wanted to help your people you would not reject hem but let them reject you . A lot of these so called leaders are out here Fucking with your Mind , separating you far greater then anyone has ever done falling prey to Lynch-Syndrome and the irony of it all is they had to have come across the information that perfectly describes their actions , how are you a help when you deny any and all of your cultures changes and accept the same god damn theology and mythology as the Beast the Oppressor the so called Devil , i swear there is no mirror  big enough to contain the ego you have built on your illusion , i choose to remain Humble as much as possible and and keep my vibrations high , i can now see the slave program in the people that i had to brake from within myself , id like to help others free their mind but the choice is their own through the information, some attacks are aimed at the corruption that face the people and the constant mental attacks they encounter .

i will continue to promote the information of substance regardless of who attacks me , who steals the information and use’s it as their own , no matter how many hours i spend researching and thinking , and no matter the cost i pay for my goal , this path is simple yet we choose at this moment to bicker falling prey to exactly the circumstance they want you to , and need you to . because once you have mentally accepted defeat then you will be defeated , chess players have worldly goals and war has always be determined from the beginning

Shalom , Islam , Hotep , greetings and blessings ! May the ancestors guide your journey