Slavery , How do we see it Today !

i took this note before i understood the importance of refrances and writing down book titles publications pages paragraphs but bear with me i was young  in my research excited in my findings and humbled by the understanding that became of it . im not sure if the message will resonate with everyone , but thats not my intention , i have a specific agenda i will admit and attest to it , im here to empower and break free the enslaved minds of those stolen from Africa from the 1500’s on ! and taken to america , this history is fragmented the sources are everywhere , and in documenting the process of slavery some people have twisted the truth so that they would not be seen as the worst of those among all of whom practiced this form of barberic deeds

-Slavery in Africa-

    Slavery had been Practiced Extensivly in various cultures and Settings but it had never been affliated with Race or Ethnicity . Enslavement was simply the custom that befell people who had been defeated in battle . the notion changed as europeans navigators explored the coastline of west africa and large scale commerce in a human commodity began ,


 Lets not Blame the  europeans entirly , because prior to the 1400’s european exploration was basically non-existence and inface the peoples of west africa were steadly under attack by asiatic invaders or Modern Day Arabs the son’s of a mixture that occured years earliers in Egypt as it was the cultural center of the world for thousands of years . this bible read in a historical context explains exactly how mixtures and seperations of people lead to eventual war genicides and invations . its clear cut history again tells us with the Vandels who sacked Rome , then the barberians who were after then then the angels all of whom were seperations of the same linage progressed and increased in numbers ! look it up . all these people had slaves and during all these years enslavement of Africans did not fall under the cruel punishment of the last1500 years which has gotten increasingly worse , if you believe its still lives today ,

 Know anybody in the conscious community will tell you that some Moors not All ” believe that we were never slaves here in america , they Deny the Holocaust of Africa worse then the president of Iraq deny the european Jewish Holocaust , but they are right , they were not slaves ! they were slave traders if you dont believe that theres always evidence that i can provide and you can check for yourself

in the Encyclopedia of Blacks in America i started reading on Islam in America , its foundings its origins , whats the first documented case of Muslims in america , Black Muslims enslaved . and what did i find 1 the story of Job Ben Solomon ( 1702 to 1776 ) or what is know of his birth , his real Name was Hyuba Boon salumena boon hibrahema ) which is hebrew but we can discuss that on another day ! Job was said to have been Born In Senagal ( west Africa ) in 1730 this wealthy slave owner went to sell slaves on the Gamba river where he did not like the offer for his captives , he then as reported made a deal with another african tribe to sell his captives and as he was traveling home was captured By Mandigo Warriors ( also Slave Traders 0 shaves balled to look like other captives and sold packaged and shiped to america , im incline to believe he may have left the legacy that Nobel Drew Ali read up upon but as further investigation reveals he was not the first nor the last Muslim speaking ,Writing person  brouth to america ,

there was Yarrow Mamont , Abdul Rahahman , muhammed Kaba , and Salih Bilali ,

 Yarrow Mamont

in 1964 Morroe Berger wrote about the Muslim Slave Accounts , its worth checking out worth getting an understanding of how and why africans sold africans and what the effect of it is today , the division that keeps us Conquored ,

the point of the Matter is slavery Happened there is enough evidence and pictures , documentations and manifest to even try to deny these events of over 400 years ,


the Christian aspect of Slavery Really makes me wonder about these christians pastors that actually lived thru Dr King or Malcolm X , they are truly the evolution of Uncle Tom , when Christian leaders start waking up and going hard for the truth they become hated and i understand your going against the grain of 2000 years of developed and skilled doctrine , so i acknowledge the work of Ray hagins and James Cones in fact ill Quote James Cone Again because he appealed to the Logic of a Peoples Mind

_ it Seems that Whites forget about the necessary interrelatedness or love justice and power when they encounter Black people Love becomes emotional and sentimental this sentimental , condescending love accounts for their desire to “help” by relieving the Physical pains of suffering black people so can satisfy their own religious piety and keep the poor powerless . but the new blacks Redeemed in CHRIST must Refuse “Help” and Demand thats Blacks be confronted as persons they must say to whites that authentic love is not ” Help” not giving a christmas Basket , but Working for Political ,Social < and Econimics Justice which Always Means A reistribution of Power it is the kind of Power that enables the blacks to fight thier own Battles and thus keep dignity  and not a Powerless Breed or Race Of Beggers ”

James Cone

im sure today church leaders are not freeing your abilities as they should making you slaves again and theirs reasons why , the vatican controls all aspects of christianinty even those who deemed themselves completly seprate from Rome !

in the Series Of Books Black women in America under MARRIAGE you find some startling facts about christianity and slavery ,it reveals that  by 1830 the African FAmily was Completly Reformed By the White Church and the constant biblical condemnation of Adultry ( mind tricks to destroy a custom they could never understand ) in doing so they also implementend procedures and laws where Slave Men were No longer able to Excerise the Same Authority Over his Family as he did in Africa

Black Women Blame Slavery and the church for your lack of men head of household , its undeniable and if you havent read the Willie Lynch letter may it be real or Fact the practice is clearly implemented after a certain point in history and active and effective today

the history of slavery thru the 16 hundreds is proof of how the church used its power in controling th eslave commerce ,1671 Maryland passed an act that baptised slaves could not gain freedom , 1662 Virginia made slavery Herditary , 1641 Mass made slavery Legal

we have accounts of Russian traveler to america that explained the horrible conditions he found in 1860 which after so many years of christian leadership slavery became even more deplorable and hostile to the african who prayed to the same white jesus

-Nicholas Chernyshevsky- 1860 Radical Publicist Russian –

     – Whereas , Slavery throughout it s entire existence in the united states is none other than a most Barbarous , unprovoked and unjustified war on one portion of its citizens upon another portion , the only conditions of which are perpetual imprisonment , and hopeless servitude or absolute extermination in utter disreguard and violation of those eternal and self evident truths set forth in our Declaration of independence ,


those words resonate deep for those people who actually believe in the declaration and understand the destruction slavery has cause to the entire race of Africans in America not just the famous or rich few ,

in the encyclopedia we find more evidence of Christian involment in slavery Encyclopedia of Christianity ( christianity in africa page 3 ) we see this exact paragraph

 15th century Europe Abandodne its crusades and intiated a more creative response to islamic economics culture and political challenges , using sea Routes to circumvwnt the Muslims New Efforts were Made to Evangelize Africa But Both the slave trade and Colonialization were a break on Evangelicalism

as we can see they figured that problem out as fast as possible and today cover up that evangelical spat in history , im fully aware i loved looking into this information it confirmed my feelings that chriatisnity had a dark side that i wanted no part of , now i do commend people for finding faith and walking in rightiousness but ima tell you about your origins because i hope somebody correct me about my origins and infact help me get closser that inturns help my people get closer ,

Ray Haggins



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