those contridictions reveal tru intent always ,

as i suspected , the people are being fooled and controlled , enslaved and not given the full spectrum of the information , plagerism and regurgitations are always good when th refrance is acknowledged ,  i knew something was up because like a pilot i have hours clocked in listening to Dr  Phil Valintine , and other Metaphysicians , and at somepoint we gotta relize that black people are recently comming back to a craft that has been hidden from us since the fall of Egypt , way before the greeks created those last few dynasty’s ,

History is not to be fucked around with and i hear hate from a man who condemns meat eaters , forgetting that his mother , his mothers mother , and her mother all of whom were black in america , survived off that meat , they survived off of the worst part of that meat , i know the conditions of an essentric mind a mind that the person can not control , i also know the effeects of drugs first hand because im a bed stuy kid an 80s baby so while some off you had good lifes i remember crack heads and dope fiends , burned out buildings and the after effect on the children , i also witness the destruction of the black boy thru medication and tranquilization , i live in a city were the sky and air are poision , where the ground is poision where the water is poision i live in a country where the food is controled molested tested then sent out for us to eat weeks after it was taken from the earth prmaturely ,

i advocate learning farming techniques , i advacate survival of you during this time and the time to come after , i dont need acention to clearly see what the eventual outcome will be , thats what knowledge brings , im not gonna say truth because truth is certain and i dont kow the minds or plans of the people who are in control of this society or their plans

this is exactly why i advocate self sustaining principles , i preach having your own based on a commerce relation ship with society but a strong network among the peoples my peoples black peoples , i am in this position to start at least a major scale farming project , but before i do that i need to know that my black supermarkets and buyers get first pick of the best and freshes produce , and i advocate raising animals , you may not have to eat it but why not profit or benefit your people from it ,

i really wish there was less confusion among the peoples but as with todays modern leaders or so called leaders are nothing more then fruit from a tree , and some fruits have improved while alotta fruit has gone Nutty , we have claiments who study a youtube video or dvd , take a certain portion and try to make a name for themselfs , when i philosophise on twitter or make a deep facebook post these are original words of truth from my mind from my understanding from my point of view , my spirit guides me very well and all questions are answered quickly and promptly , this is why im writing today , because i see a glitch in the system . i didnt understand it at first because logically the brother was speaking truth ! but it was mixed in rambles that sounded similar to those brothers i remeber from the 80’s the dope fiends da crack heads , all these men had truth yet they were so far gone they had no way of teaching us and us respecting the lessons , the plan was in efffect and both the black man and black women were targeted , engaged , and effected .

so why am i writing this down why am i concerned ? because i see another so called , leader , a man with influences saying one thing teaching another thing and practicing something entirely different , i see a man playing with what is rightfully the peoples , i see a man doing the same thing as the oppressor has done since they kicked the moors out of spain , no longer do men need a bible to enslave the mind of others no , these men prey on your needs and lack of time to confirm or deny them , naturally your are going to be drawn into these people during your quest an search for the truth , i am not saying they dont have it , but think for yourself all these years of religion you finally reject it and embrace another form of it , evil never lies it just changes the perspective of the truth ! im fully aware of what knowing and knowledge can do , including when you begin to open the minds of those who have been blind to real thought .

so i have found some contridictions and stolen refrances to give you a perspective of what i mean , no 1 man controls all this knowledge , and this knowledge belongs to no one man or peoples as we have learned from the time when europeans started learning and burning

( now im not sure who he wants to reach , but i never has tag or post USA or America , thats being proud of your oppression )

but your leaders seem to embrace it and so they wont tell you how to leave it or detach from it correctly ————

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and after seeing this video last week come across my youtube recomondations i clicked on it , youtube has basically studied what i like to watch and mades suggestions  so i watched i even dug the message because it appealed to my core belief that black or darkness is where the spirit travels lerks and is strongest ,  here is the video
 but after that something happened and i had to question this man and thats when i stumbled across his word press and a post from august 26, 2012 and heres where i found the contridiction ( copy & and paste ) and he said when trying to attack my charachter but when its your words , why deny it , ?right ?
We Are Doing Things A$s Backwards

As your consciousness becomes more settled, all your life patterns change. What religions have called sin will disappear from your life, and what they have called virtue will automatically flow from your being, from your actions. But they have been doing just the opposite: First change the act. It is as if you are in a dark house and you are stumbling over furniture and other things, and someone tells you ‘unless you stop stumbling the light is not possible.’ What I am saying is bring light in and the stumbling will disappear, because when there is light why should you stumble over things? Every time you stumble, ever time you hit your big head on the wall, it hurts. It is a punishment in itself – a wrong act is punishment in itself; there is nobody recording your acts. And every beautiful action is a reward unto itself. But 1st bring light in your life.

and so i thought about the accusation of copy and paste and my studies of the mind and pschyatry have lead me to one specific definition , projection

not the image but human projection , like when white men traveled to africa with no women but complained in notes and letters of the african man being sexually aggressive and devient , with further study of history you see the projection take shape , or when todays whites catogorize black criminals as animals and savages then call white criminals disturbed after they massacre mutiple people in confined areas thats projection ,

lemme copy and paste the dfinitions available so you have your own understanding – this is taken from

2a. Freudian Projection

The following is a collection of definitions of projection from orthodox psychology texts. In this system the distinct mechanism of projecting own unconscious or undesirable characteristics onto an opponent is called Freudian Projection.

  • “A defense mechanism in which the individual attributes to other people impulses and traits that he himself has but cannot accept. It is especially likely to occur when the person lacks insight into his own impulses and traits.”
    -“The externalisation of internal unconscious wishes, desires or emotions on to other people. So, for example, someone who feels subconsciously that they have a powerful latent homosexual drive may not acknowledge this consciously, but it may show in their readiness to suspect others of being homosexual.”
    -“Attributing one’s own undesirable traits to other people or agencies, e.g., an aggressive man accuses other people of being hostile.”
    -“The individual perceives in others the motive he denies having himself. Thus the cheat is sure that everyone else is dishonest. The would-be adulterer accuses his wife of infidelity.”
    -“People attribute their own undesirable traits onto others. An individual who unconsciously recognises his or her aggressive tendencies may then see other people acting in an excessively aggressive way.”
    -“Projection is the opposite defence mechanism to identification. We project our own unpleasant feelings onto someone else and blame them for having thoughts that we really have.”

now after that defined explanation i see at the bottom of his blog well his refrances – who he actually Copied and Pasted his Information from

References: Afrikan Holistic Health By Dr. Llaila Afrika, Nutricide By Dr. Llaila Afrika

weak minds are easily fooled , i refuse to be fooled anymore ny this system and or its people , i will continue to provide the information share my view but i will not tell you i own this imformation or that it is the complete truth