Damn its Easy to sell an illusion

               its far to easy these days to use knowledge as power . and these people who follow with out confirmation i just dont understand !

 seriously if somebody told you that your god was at the bottom of the bridge you would jump before looking to comfirm , now that Faith , but i aint about that life !

Faith is what they gave to the slaves here and to the tribes in africa , Black people have Faith and nothing of what they Established to begin with !

 why is is so hard for people to think on their own ? im not saying dont listen im saying think ! think on your own , consider what is being said and confirm or deny it ! we do not live in the times of messenger birds or horseback ! we have an abundence of online information , some of which is false but the library has not gone extinct yet and most or almost all books and their information are available to the people ! who actually want to find this information ! free people never take advantage of freedom and seek bondage . searching for something or someone to believe in when you can just look in the mirror , is a lesson we all learn either the good way or the bad way ! some fall victims to gangs as i did in my early years some fall victims to drugs , and some fall victim to these so called leaders ,

        i keep saying the bible is the best sociological book ever written , it predicts human nature perfectly because human nature has not changed , you still have men who think they have the only truth , men who follow anything and men who stand alone , you have predictions of foresight like false prophets and men hiding in moutains from god ,


i dont see this as literal i see this as the pasts just keeps repeating in a cycle the same events just at different times , throwoing a wrench in the mechanics is what is needed at this time ! we really do need to tune into our spirits , and those with spirit will be the ones with the most to prove because the spirit is calling to all the other spirits to break the bondage ,

its time we pay honor to the honorable , its time we pay respect and tribute to the ancestors its time we pay respect to the bloodlines that stopped at the bottom of the atlantic , lets pay homage to those who crossed this planet and laid out the foundation of us understading this truth , all men should understand the truth , the idea that it belongs to one peoples is over those people shared the information and was consumed by it , now that its returning to its origins the confusion will begin and as we reach a climax of all these doctrines and leaders oppressing the people and the mind , attack the people and their belifes comforming to the oppressive nature taught to them by an oppressor that no longer exist , or needsd to exist



im inclined to think or show the people how effective the plan was ! as you sit down and believe in all these men who have no access to the information they speak of because its locked in another country under tons of concrete and is released in bits and pieces , you should never claim to be the originator of what you studied , being exposed as a fraud will get you caught up eventually

my people are no longer suffering from a lack of knowledge , my people today are overwhelmed by to mush knowledge