Subliminal’s to blk women

148687_390993134320270_702418474_nYour dealing with a specific race of men who are tore down in school , torn down in the streets , torn down at work , torn down by family , torn down by lovers , tore down bound society , torn down by prejudice torn down by scorn , and destroyed by self hate !

And they expect better From these men ! You should be glad we haven’t set this on fire burned down the society that gives you comfort and control , stop everything from moving forward until we feel equal !

Nope we still have that love in us ! That heart that no slave whip ever broke ! That no oppression could stop ! That no affliction could tamper !

If we leave you for someone else you call us names demean our relationships ! When you do it it’s for security and a better life

Don’t hit me with that equality shit when you contribute to your own destruction and demise ! Don’t pass your judgement on the crime you had a hand in committing, it was you who turned your back along with everyone else ! You who used the names that belittle us ! You who accept their gifts then take it and show it to us knowing that we can never attain it ! It’s you who feel for the trap and it is you alone who will suffer because they all have what u don’t and they told u not to get it and u listened !

But reality ain’t what you wanna hear ! You rather the fantasy that keeps the destruction , keeps the hate and keeps you finally In control ! But what have you gained control of ?