The community or lack there of !

There are arguments that say Africans in America are not Africans at all , Infact these arguments divide us more so then all the unifying factors ! The being caught up on a word and its meaning is trivial in today’s context ! And matters of law are good if the longevity is foreseen in the future ! What we find today is doctrine taking precedent over logic and reality , lack of substance in place of actual substance . Truthfully every faction of doctrine has split numerous times and they will split again ! It’s just a fact that sustains nature in general and we as men are not greater then nature as we’ve seen by countless events where nature took back its land ! If I was to assume the role of accepting the tittle of any faction I inturn almost negate the reluctance of others ! I cannot see the sense in that when all of us share the same problem , the solution is as clear as day ! But it seems the more indoctrinated you become toward one view , the more you become as the oppressor your seeking to be free from , it’s simple . Either your for progress entirely or your for a self sustaining group in which eventually will be destroyed and corrupted , pure thoughts and goals cannot be changed , if a man kills a man without defense it is wrong , if a man steals it is wrong , if a man lies and causes harm it is wrong , you don’t need a book or priest to explain this to you ! What is corrupted is the methods used for complete freedom from oppression . The mental block instilled in prior generations will eventually cause another rift another rebellion and Infact another faction! Even today we see factions starting from the ground up based on a premise of ancient knowledge ! If you look at Sara suten SETI , natural Tahuti , brother polight , proffesor Larry , djhuety ma’atera , minister enqi , da netta , dr umar Johnson , these are either fruits from a tree or the seed bringing forth completely new trees . But the mistake is to think they all have a different message ! But that is not the case ! What we find is the spreading advancing and growing or dumbing down of ideas !
If I hadn’t grow up with other poor whites people I’d probly be swayed by the white man is the devil idiotology , but I had the chance to see how poverty and lack of power and education affects everyone , do I feel whites have a better chance at removing themselves from the situation , is be a fool not to . But the white devil time has gone , its the mental black devil that keeps him alive , the gods of Rome only lasted as long as the people let it last , I really believe in the manifestation of the mind , if you increase that by each human thinking the same , the manifestation chance is greater to me ! That’s my belief based on the various topics I’ve looked into !
Honestly we are to diluted to be much of any ancient people specifically , but we have the probabilities of being all the ancient people’s collectively , the separation is only in the mind ! If we can adjust our tactics to encompass all and still progress the progression will inevitably be rapid ! But if we only let the Nation of Islam protect our streets an not the moors Hebrews Egyptians pan Africanist aswell we have all dropped the ball collectively and we do t change the statis of the prison system because we still feed the prison system because we don’t self police ourselves , because we lack a sufficient economy , because we lack education of ourselves ! The talk is big while the action is small . The ideas spreading among the youth is being squashed by the elders ! The elders are not getting ear time with the youth and what we have is experience not being able to inspire creativity ! And that’s stagnation – stagnation will lead to distraction or extinction !
And statistics back our extinction up !