The fruit brought forth.

I take time out daily to open my mind and heart to theories of the Origins of man as told by the intellectuals of my people . This journey has given me insight into the old proverb of knowing the tree by the fruit that it bares . Now I must admit in that context that there are alotta rotting apples and there are those who appear to be ripe .

The fact that all of our faction fight each other for the right of truth is funny , all of our dates were given by Europeans in power as they have been in power for almost 600 years ! The trick was to separate people’s keep them separate then eventually they themselves would separate ! It’s the tactic that matches their societal structure prior to them understanding the process of government and the power of conquest !
I recently took a history test or 2 different test but of historical empires! I failed the European monarchy test . I’m not familiar with minor squabbles between York estates and Tudor , I don’t care about queen Mary’s horrible rain of power ! She is insignificant to the European placed last ruler of Egypt Cleopatra ! The second test I took span all 18 dynasty of Egypt and of 20 questions I got 3 wrong but I’m certain 100% that the test was written wrong !
The current white history is all that’s told ! When we search for our history anywhere it’s destroyed by the information of European history , no Hebrew Israelite will ever convince me that my people originated outside of the confines of Africa and no Hebrew Christian or Muslim can ever put their religion above Egypt ! But no Egyptologist can tell me Egypt wasn’t influenced by the rest of African culture which makes Egypt the great apex as show by the pyramids . Even with the knowledge we have today there is no building a pyramid of stone ,


You and I have to be weary of history our history and the worlds history . Truth is wrapped in many lies , and we are subject to the victors version of events no matter the battle . How is it possible to read the truth ? We must read both sides and come to our own conclusion ! In dealing with certain aspect of history we only have one version of events seeing as how the loser has been completely wiped out ! We see history as complete that’s what history teachers of documented history teach say.
Constantly textbooks are being changed and constantly history is being adjusted , it’s almost safe to say that you have no choice but to make your own conclusions . The facts are facts but some facts are shaken at best ! The small pieces of knowledge from Africa are hard to gather and even modern Africans have trouble finding their roots ! The world is in conflict. The conflict is of borders and borders are of men ! We people have placed lines on land that equal death at most when crossing we place holy and sacred items that others see as trash or evil . The mind of a strong human can control millions while the genius of others go hidden among the multitude . For every empire there was an engineer or scientist , a priest and leader . For every rebellion there is the oppressed and overworked the forgotten and forsaken , not many men can concentrate their efforts towards all for complete compliance and satisfactions but there is a ground to reach in which many become one , no. Where is it completely written that everyone should become a single mind except in stories of horror an even then the individual Thought drives the collective mentality ,
If a network is not interchangeable then it cannot function an will inevitably crash . We take what we already have for granted and retreat further into them with a negative outlook . It is simple to say we can all work together and be as a collective force but we are human and as man we are constant in reaction, mind, and mentality , and will move closer to destruction of  ourselves in a massive amount in a very short timespan ! The hope is that those who have great Knowledge survive with pure hearts because if those who posses evil hearts gain control then our legacy is no more then that of the fruit we all brought forth