Black Liberation

A foundation for black liberation in America is plain to see . I’m not specifically sure what prohibits a people from wanting to be free except for the fact they believe their free already ! For example when I express the view that I find the European form of marriage and relationships destructive to African Americans and that the imprint of a white dress and ring as well as the contract is a symbol , but that symbol today means 50/50 ! Why because black liberation is dependent upon black nationalism , and with out that cultural structure the marital foundation is weak . Some Black organizations refer to Black Nationalism as being a Destructive word . But if people can manifest negatives words like ” my bitch and my nigga ” into positive words then we realize that we have the manifestation powers or abilities .
From a far I see us as a people who reject all of our leaders and gravitate to only one . If we don’t respect the studies of all our black scholars , we will fall prey to the infiltration of the mind . The Black scholars is challenged by those who refuse to accept a black history that makes theirs seem just not Large Enough , we embrace and deny labels . After watching debate after debate of black scholars debunking and correcting other racial scholars I find it amazing that the standard recognized history has not been changed ! I’m inclined to embrace each new piece of Information without bias , we must not hold our ideals above another’s and if we do we must confirm ourselves , as-well as confirm the ideals of others and see who’s ideals match better to current standards of time , place , people , and culture. The one fact that should be known is that black history goes further then European history which is short according to the planets timeline , which is short according to what history has shown , but which has progressed faster . The invention is always improved upon

I’m not one to. Be religious , but I’m one who believes in sociological foresight . The bible is the best social story ever documented , it predicts the future based on years , thousand’s of years of human characteristics . The people of the bible displayed identical characteristics of people today , we have not changed ! Only the items around us have progressed

I’m also stumped when I talk to African people across the world when they deny their race as being systematically destroyed . I’m not one who believes that African Americans are beyond extinction . We are now literally a separate race , we share a common ancestral blood origin but we are now different .

I must admit that I also see some people are rejecting the status quo , and questioning the standards . What began as the tea party is no different from the black panthers in origin , and no different from the occupy movement . Again we face a time in know human history where those in power forget how their power is kept and in doing do foster the mentality of revolution and change either thru division or thru the overthrowing of the standard

I’ll just leave a statistic out there for u to consider
One live family
Lets break this cycle and break this system of hate and oppression