Curses that will Liberate A People’s

Theology is good when it can literally uplift all the people’s of its intention ! I’m trying to stand proud of those who feel themselves to be Hebrew Israelites but I’ve watched them turn away other Africans as well disrespect the black women infront of the so called white devil it’s great to associate yourself with the bible but you have to acknowledge your personal destruction and not the affliction , it’s time to leave the oppressor to eat itself alive . Feeding into the hate and anger , I cant subscribe To being Hebrew then Hebrews must subscribe and admit to its African origins and heritage ! If you are the chosen people by blood or by the blessing of god you must accept by example of god all of gods children the book is specific on morality but not clear on practice ! All laws have loopholes we must also acknowledge historical facts ! War rape and migration as well as time has altered the image of Israelites as it has altered all African people we can’t deny a half black the right to their origins because they are forced to side with their enemy from within . There is no doubt that Africans world wide are oppressed afflicted abused looked down upon ! But it apparent that with prophet after prophet blacks keep rejecting their unifying characteristic . The one characteristic that has unified the rest of the world against us using our own methods is the occupation control and identification with the land . I can find scripture after scripture to prove Israelites were black and enslaved but do I negate those who struggle in south Africa in Australia those who dwell in India those who associate or can be traced back to the honorable birthplace of Africa . If not all blacks are Hebrews an I am , do I neglect my brothers of affliction ! This mind frame to me is not African and will keep us divided the brothers in Islam also have convincing facts to prove Islam is a child of Africa but today’s Islam is not African but Arab stolen not original and the same can be said of the holy bible ! We understand the core human moral principles ! We choose not to follow them collectively we choose to follow them and condemn others who follow them aswell , the bible condemns the land which nurtures your religion as well as your civilization if it was not for the Nile valley this world would be such a horrible place to live in ! Jews of Europe will place the origins of Adam in Mesopotamia ! Adam is there father but not the world for them to deny the African origins of man is for them to deny themselves and their culture . For no civilization would be without the Nile river as we call it today , the specifics of the garden may have been altered because africa and the nile fit the description in 2 areas , they will try to alter history to suit their purpose of white supremacy we must use our tools of black supremacy or black birth to all nations , with all the talking and speaking there are still not enough black establishments to change or alter the. BLack perception if we wait for god he will. Not come but if we work for god he will put his full blessings behind us ! If we dishonor god and continue to identify with the tactics of the enemy then we will forever suffer the curses of the. Bible . It takes no story to understand that. People divided are easy to conquer and the destruction of everything they hold as a bond is important . We have lost our eating habits our living practices our. Marriage structure our economy we have lost ourselves completely and we are gravitating in way to many direction it’s kills us it is killing us we can and must do better for each other before we try to change any other means or structure for survival ! I love you my black people lets fight for a pan-African family lets try hard for liberation let’s spark the revolution of the mind before we move on the revolution. Of the body