Family First , not last

What is family ? What is Its purpose the true meaning must have been lost thru constant definition , and cultural change . Individualism and purely selfish intent and gain . The purpose of nurturing the next generation to survive life and multiply the basic of all Instinct has been modified so much that we barely realize the damage it has done. Gone are the days where men and women put aside any personal aspirations and focused on preservation of their culture . A good culture that practices moral , and cooperative values .
Accepting our own mental damage and not impressing it on the next generation has got to be the main concern , changing the next generation to improve or create improvements is a task that takes years of study on what a family is or should be family should be the basic building. Locks of a people’s culture. Family should be the strength of morality For religion , but family shouldn’t be under jurisdiction but of the family .
What we know and what has been impressed In our minds about family is a misconception , I only say this because as they study the family of the past civil rights and feminism was shaping the family of the future , or what to us may seem like the future some influences have grown an changed such as the practice of same sex relationships . But the basic core o procreation is what extends the family into the future. The ancient people’s prayed and glorified the family and it’s connection , Horace and Ices , Zeus and Athena , Their children . their legacy all based on stars but all rooted in the structure of the family . Father mother sister brother uncle aunts cousins and in-laws form what can truly be described as a small tribe . Before the advantage o industrialization and hourly wages the family depended on what some would call the hustle.
I had to dig deep and search what the basic family was , I had to go back study the basic of genetics , the basic of psychology , sociology , the Characteristics an traits o humans I had to understand civilization social structure all in basic form to understand how family functioned. Civilization is based on family and inter-tribal marriage .
Their is one family in particular that has almost documented their genealogy . The Hebrew family from the start of Abraham has kept a basic log of their history . Some facts may be disputable but the listing of the name of people parents , brother , sister is what interested me . Jacob had 4 wives , those wives produced 12 sons each son became patriarch to a tribe hence we have the story of the 12 tribes of Israel . This is the legacy of structure of the structure o what a family is and should be the beginning of a nation who shares common customs and origins we have been taught to think this practice wrong , but the basic Principles are to reproduce another generation more if possible.
If you started a family tree from yourself the past would mushroom but if you had children so would the future Theres grandchildren , great grandchildren and if enough kids are had from your single bloodline or mixture of such your history would equal that of our history that’s a logical fact which should make you embrace the idea of family further . I’m convinced modern religions are against or out to control the modern family . Marriage laws are set up for separation church Structure set up for divorce. Morality compromised by contradiction in interpretation of what is described as divine word. We see they say great men wrote great words it a know slave holder Thomas Jefferson wrote that “All men are Created equal”
The world of industrialization cannot share the same space as Family, family is based on cohesive connection thru social and economical survival . The encyclopedia of social science states that ” The Family is an institution found in all human societies ” an institution only means a structural fund emanates to and for . Sex provides for continuity but enforcement of culture is what sustains a socialized culture when placed above the social economics . In that same encyclopedia page 301 it goes on to state further that ” The primary function of the family is socialization , so that intimate bond is established between biological and social process . A perfect example of a social process is music and it’s power to connect certain social cultures .
I had to question for myself if all the information I was reading and researching about family was right . It just didn’t fit the current social structure let alone the fact that my cultural family structure has been systematically attacked and erased from its origins on the homeland to the minds of the people who were stolen from the land . It even seems that integration into the current structure for my tribal family hasn’t been the best of policies either the only form of protection is to form traditional and tribal social structures starting right at home with family . Those in power who understand the legacy of family structure have literally set in place ways to keep family or tribal existence , property and culture in their bloodline ‘s
I’ try to understand family code in tax law and family law , it is fun I might add . My first experience with family tax law was ” Rich dad , Poor dad” and the one thing I learned was that what they teach us as fundamentals is in-fact enslavement if you teach business, business will be your societies strong point . Teaching enslavement to society is not productive to society, a people must produce to survival in letting the state write strict guideline to family structure thru education , economics, media , and laws . The creation of a self sustaining family structure is being pushed into a minority of people’s hands we know because these names are infamous with family and wealth
Assertive mating is a natural human instinct when gravitate to people like us who also fit our social group characteristics mating create a relationship with2 families these 2 families can now become economical stronger by becoming economically dependent on each other this is why interracial families can work but also why they can fail . If both families are not equally as strong they will become shined . Psychologist definition of a relationship system of interpersonal bond recognized in a particular culture ,society or group a term which is much more broader then a bloodline network but can intertwine . The stress of family based on culture is minuet , culture is its purpose – the passing on of culture to another generation who in turns passes that same culture on improving the culture for more progress as time Moves forward
marriage was just a symbol love is un-describable so associating love with marriage is ridiculous if you live your culture as much as your family no symbol is needed , But symbolism reminds us of a family bond. No definition for family except for for parent child has anything to do with the feeling of live , that’s individualism! Love is not important to the survival of family , love is prescribe to personal relationships in different levels . Western society could not adhere to African marriage customs , a custom where widows are automatically married to another male in the same family and is possibly self obligated to produce his child in thanks for taking her and supporting her family and keeping it with-in the culture . That’s Taboo in a society of individuals but peoples who depend on each other would understand deeply .
Only the family can instill national pride , nationalism is the family , a consciousness of like minds , ideology , social movement, political affiliation and a sense of group origins , history , and culture
” Applying developmental perspective connects political stability/instability to the balance between institutionalization and participation” ( Huntington 1968 )
“. This line of reasoning suggest to some analysts a linear relationship between political development and political instability” ( sanders 1981 )
Societies disorganization can be the affects of family disorganization or the other way around . The relationship is existent upon each other divorce rates are much higher in urban areas due to distinct cultural differences that are inevitable in a multicultural society . Race is never a divorce factor culture is .
Why is it family structure and bond lasted longer in what is know as uncivilized societies? Why does the tribal society function more reliability then democratic society when it comes to family ? Culture ! A we’ll established culture , a well practiced culture , a well maintained culture , a culture where outside influences or change is minimum at best .
Understanding family values and love is hard , trying to separate the 2 is even worse , but connecting the 2 is key, and can be important . We live and survive off the safety blanket of family are the responsibility of families honor is personal but displayed publicly trust and respect are earned thru honorable acts of social and cultural networking
I have made it a point to repeat certain words I believe we as humans lack in modern society , I stress these words because my people barely have a culture and society of their own . I hope this reaches those struggling with family matters and gives them the sense that they can also study family and what makes it work . Men and Women have to be strong and on Equal mindset in order for progression to work .