Educational rights, know your teachers !

We need to put teachers under the fire when it comes to education . When it comes to teaching our children black children we need to know our rights and the credentials of the people teaching our children . As I further my studies in sociology and psychology I came to conclusions that tell me an show me thar the mind of a child development and participation in society . Society should be our main concern , our society our culture and our rights . Our society is our economics ! currently, we don’t have an economic structure so currently , we don’t have a society .

If we are to adjust our position or society we need to understand the society in-which we live . We must understand its laws , rules , and regulations using this knowledge to our advantage is not a bad thing . What can be the benefits of knowing how the educational system works as well as its checks and balances . In the united states laws are in place to protect the people . Which people ? That’s the topic of another blog . Most rules and laws are standard and if used properly can garner the power you need to get equal or proper educational rights . The family educational rights and privacy act ( 20 U.S.C § 232.34 cfr part 99 ) and other federal laws are laws that protect the privacy of students educational records . This applies to students in schools funded by the Department Of Education . These laws also give parents the rights to review these records and dispute any incorrect information that may be misleading upon further review ( college, jobs ) . These laws also give parents the right if the school refuses to change the record . To challenge the records and or submit a statement contesting the records .

Educational laws also give parents the right to review the credentials of the teachers of their children. You as a parent have the rights to what would be considers a background check and resume . If we don’t use all of our rights these teachers will feel we care little about our children and they will treat them as such. If I’m going to trust the education of my child to someone I want them to know that I’m holding them as much responsible as I’m holding myself for proper education and a positive social outcome