#teamlightskin #teamdarkskin #teamlostthebattle and the war

That tragic flaw we have to associate the division of outside influences as our own is crippling and destructive to to uplifting of black people . If we continue to agree with the standards set for us and not by us we will continue to be subject to the control set upon us . To separate ourselves from each others struggles and fights is exactly the tactic needed to keep confusion among us . If you are preoccupied with a certain cause or difference among your people you forget to focus on the commonality of your people , and the further division of economics can strain the general objectives needed to overcome challenges . There will always be those dependent upon a system , a structure set forth , but give them a system of their own to be dependent on , there is absolutely no pride in going to someone else to help and understand you and your problems .

Some of us never take to asking questions . There are core basic question that needed to be asked , who ? What ? Where ? When ? And why ? They imprinted these questions in your mind but using them is what we sometimes fail to do . When it comes to team lightskin and team darkskin we must ask who started this trend , where is the source of it , what is it purpose ? We must ask why was it created and when all these things matter in understanding why we have engaged in even entertaining these sort of divisive tactics . African Americans today see voodoo as taboo today , little do they know it probably is the closet thing to african or christian religious practices , it’s more in contrast with Islam then those who practice Islam today . Movies have transformed this cultural practice into a heathenistic , Peagan like cult which it is not .

It’s crazy because I don’t see other races screaming out teams not Chinese not Irish not arab not even Africans . But black America chooses to engage in this pointless talk as if it was to advance any form of progression within black America . If we apply this team theology or ideology to political structures you have in a sense divided your political strength , it is easy to separate your vote on the basis of your own engagement of self division . That’s why it is key to discussing or debating differences amongst each other then approaching the power structure with a unified argument that everyone agrees upon and is unflinching in their methods of change . Corruption is easy to use if there is a different train of thought within a people’s , selfishness plays a key role as well .

If we can overcome so much and turn back so easy the fight that must be put forward this next change has to be dramatic definite and certain for a people’s . The restrictions of the past the method of societal contribution has to be changed . No longer can an unsustainable path be be taken and either by separation or segregation can we first achieve equality in the eyes of our oppressor . Only by self reliance and self governance can we achieve a goal worth living and dying for . The empowerment of seeing black faces whenever you spend your money will have and effect on the minds of youth up to the elderly

These are only my interpretations of things I observe. . The lessons or meanings I get from marcus Garvey or Malcolm x , Martin Luther king or even louis Farrakhan . The question I was forced to answer by dr John henrik Clarke or dr umar Johnson . These are the things implied by dheathstore minister enqi or brother polight . And people who lack self thought lack what it takes to improve their circumstance . I’m hoping and betting I can change that aspect of a people , if I don’t think big ill never reach a minimum of greatness .