Twisted Image

Twisted Image
I stand staring in a mirror fixed on an image of a man I don’t not recognize . There’s a man I’ve never seen before, a man struggling to understand how the world puts balance to its negatives how the world can survive its turmoil
I sit and wonder has this man lost God has faith been stripped his morals stolen injustice frozen on his face ?
I fear his consumption as an eternal being will come from rivers of fire an lakes of flames his soul destined for the deep of hell and it’s fury !
I wonder if I lock this man away would he grow ? Would he become strong enough to over power his captive over shadow their reasons . Every injustice just raise the limit of his anger not seen by the likes of many men
To die with this hate is not gods will or command to die for hate can never be justified the death of innocents can never be redeemed and the loss of love is to gain hell
Lucky this mirror is twisted , I can straighten it but will the image change or will the vision be the same