Emotions ,

The evolution of emotion is a mental thing , the break down of deep belief the feeling of grasp to a single emotion is relevant to ones mind-state we are humans and flawed In the complicity of letting our brains let go an keep questioning ,
The lack of consideration for emotions of others I admit I suffer from . But I believe a dose a realism is required no matter how I look in the end . If I believe in what I say I should stand and fight for it no matter how much ridicule I get for it . If you believe in what you say my words could never break your faith just inspire you to dig deeper in it.
Projection can’t conflict any debate when even similar objections can fall to egotistical suggestions . I’d rather reach the least common denominator then the divisive numerator at the chance that a problem can be solved . Complex situations require complex strategies and a clear foresight of longevity .
Not everyone will appeal to you and no matter what you say you can’t appeal to everybody ! A generalization is intended to invoke emotion , intended to invoke thought , no one wants to be generalized amongst the masses we all grasp for individuality yet replicate. It’s and pieces from our teachings . We are merely just multiple duplicates instead of one specific .
Truly understanding what statements you intend to make before you make them should be understood that you will have to answer for them and be prepared to say I DON’T KNOW . Thinking yourself higher then anyone else or placing yourself there is wrong an the reason the world fails today .
I am no better then anyone who reads this and you are no better then me . With out you there is no me and without me there is no you .
Multiply that by the population. They say education is the key but if a man educates himself people stand to test him , and only with convictions with that man stand to be conquers ! Strength threw convictions but modesty , honesty and the attributes of justice must be present or curry prion is at hand all people’s must be given equality , justice , and peace !

Each day passes whether you stand alone in your task or have an army you stand in your beliefs . But you know in your heart what’s right what’s wrong ! What’s apparent and what’s been hidden to deceive !