Rights Over Restrictions

Rights over restrictions !

What are restrictions on our rights an how have they affected today’s society ?
Disproportion ! When rights are restricted to a certain part of society , that society will eventually break out for equality an fairness.
The second amendment of the constitution of the united states clearly state ” A well regulated militia , being necessary to the security of a free state , the right of ALL people to keep and bear Arms , Shall not be Infringed ,

This is a prime example of constitutional law that states have violated as well as the federal government . Any law restricting the rights of united states citizens to bear arms is illegal an unconstitutional. This means for violent felons whom have been released an are not on parole ! Some people might not agree with me , but the law is clear ! No citizen shall be restricted their gun rights !

I should not go into the racial aspect of this but I will , because the truth only sets us free . “in most urban areas 80 to 85% of black makes will be caught up in the criminal justice system . If you factor in states laws restricting ex criminals their gun rights. A conspiracy can be formulated. I won’t do that I’m about facts . An the fact is that even with gun restriction laws , the possibly for a dangerous white male to purchase a gun legally is even greater then a felon black male purchasing a gun illegally .
The possibility for whites to own guns is greater then the possibility of blacks having guns . These are facts only because most blacks are condensed in major city’s with heavy gun restrictions as opposed to rural or country living whites with easier access to armaments. They point to black on black crime as an example of why cities need gun control , but my thing is there are no gun stores in city’s , an the possibility for that changing is a joke as long as blacks populate urban areas . Then the control or restrictions of guns either is in place in the wrong area or there systematically placed in areas of color , I’m gonna keep researching . But it’s clear as day as to who , what. Where , and why these guns keep landing in our community !