The lies and truths about marriage Pt3

What is your marriage based on ? Is it the basis of property an future or is it the love you feel now ? Kids can change a marriage but not if the people’s are heart set on their initial goal of companionship . Marriage is the signing of 100’s of legal documents is one . Marriage is corporate law , real property law , inheritance law , business law , medical law and , church law in one sign of the pen . No disclaimer no fine print it’s just apparently know an by the court of law it is apparently taken out of the couples hands or jurisdiction .

Ive heard valid arguments for the means or rights to divorce , I’ve seen enough evidence to know divorce nor marriage is either new or specific to any known or documented history . It predates modernization or religion , the rules guiding divorce are just that rules . And in turn we find that marriage in a sense has become the Pre-emptive contractual obligation for divorce . How can we test our marriage or relationship ? Because some Relationships are comparable if not better then Most marriages . We start by testing the love factor , the self love factor can you as a person continue to be with some one forever ? Even after  you feel have done you wrong ? That harboring of bad feelings you have now . Will it be gone in 5 , 10 , or 15 years from now ? life is short , time is precious an we must be certain that what we do personally yet logically best suites what we want .

Nobody should expect a relationship that isn’t 50/50 . No matter the relationship or marriage structure . To explain relationship in legal terms is dull not as personal as you would have wanted it to be . To apply commitment to your relationship would be to imply insanity . Which I guess most of us can attest to feeling at some point in time during relationships . But to explain relationships in a spiritual some what religious aspect the core meaning can be  attained the duty of family can be explained if not given a guideline in which survival Is dependent upon .

Selfishness in the marital or family structure is the core reason for failure . If everything we did was for the pleasure of everyone else within the family structure an everyone else did the same the core family structure can progress further faster . The bible clearley states be fruitful an multiply . The animal kingdom thru studies shows family structure that is a dependent one , we are no different . “Monogamy appears to evolve when females choose to space out and live singly for ecological Reasons ” not sure where I got that information but I know it’s associated with civilizations . The modern structure of family , relationship , and marriage has infact been altered , for the feminist , women movement most of their goal are being achieved .

According to the encyclopedia of genetics there is a difference in aggression between men and women , “males exhibit high levels of aggression except in the context of relationships where female dominate ” suppression in relationships create subdued aggression this I feel contributes to the extreme arguments and fights , no comfort levels in being truthful no reward of compassion can lead to a relationship based on lies an half truths . Being quiet doesn’t negate the responsibility it infact adds to the responsibility factor . Understanding individuals an whether they change or not is crucial to a successful relationship. The mind is meant to grow and expand the more you feed it the more you retain , question stated properly is healthy for relations or discourse , the letting go an Un-harboring of I’ll will feeling of content .

Compromising of standards . The male and female perspective  will never be the same . Biologically we cannot see the same because we are not structured the same , mentally we cannot think exactly the same because men are not structured for nurture but for protection . If we can understand that a Muslim can love a Jew based not on religion an it’s difference but love and it’s nature to conquer . Then when we fight over money . Time . Attention . Respect , we dishonor the core principle of marriage or a relationship . Today’s woman has a dramatic problem with yesterday’s marital standard an I can agree equality should be the standard the norm . But certain things are just not gonna balance out . As people grow an learn new things applying them to relationships can the hardest thing to do .

Practice what you preach does not pertain to relationships , bad advice can destroy a relationship and telling someone about their relationship faults can comeback to bite you in the ass . Take the suggestion approach , suggests they use instinct an experience not advice that is not in the context of said relations . A marriage counselor is just there to guide the forum for discussion not to advise on specific issue . That’s Un-ethical . Manage your own relationship based on your own experience an agreements share every new change of perspective with your significant other

In gonna have to get into the different types of marriage next blog