The Black Foundation !

Establishing a strong Black Family foundation depends on an established Black Foundation . What is a Black foundation ? The establishment of a society in conjunction with other societies but not dependent on those societies . In the Human “Race ” Africans seem to be last , it is the sole perception of majority of people who populate this world other then Africans or those of recent African descent . In the eyes of today’s slaves , the Indian slave would think him self better then the African slave even with equal statis . The breaking of this mental stereotype is not the duty of any other “Race” of people , but the Duty of every person on this earth whom link themselves to any time period , landmass , tribe , or culture of Africa .
History does not repeat itself in the ways we see it , not to many standards or recognizable similarities of today can be placed on what people’s or nations did in what we know as ancient times . What we do know of repetitious history is the fact that when resources change society changes , the structure of a culture is based on its resources or manipulation of its resources . Once a society goes beyond its means or engages in corruption it’s doomed to fail . The whole premise of Revered Jeremiah Wrights ” sound bite ” was that when nations or people begin to exceed themselves or class becomes greatly apparent that civilization will fail , it happened to Rome , it happened. To Egypt , it happened to Israel , it happened to the black moorish empire who ruled Spain , it happened to hitler , Mussolini , the ussr , the list goes on ‘ . With in a destroyed civilization only 2 main things survive . the religious culture and the economical foundation . Neither will change unless the survival an legacy of the holders has changed .

Culture ! Black Culture sends negative image flashes thru your head . Thou justified they present a perception of mainly non-Black Non-African traditions . Today’s Africans suffer from this same disfunction . So what we have left is what some would say is prophesy fulfilled , I don’t partake to that specific view but I do recognize that with enough time you can make any person/people’s believe and forget they are not what they are . The same warrior tribe whom fought European invasion of south west Africa , now adhere to European religious doctrine deeper then Europeans . Only pieces of ancient African traditions are visible , but world law is based from African Origins .

So where am I going with the Black Foundation Theology which I’ll coin before some conservative gets a hold of it and makes it racial . My only purpose is to guide the misguided , improve the mind of young Black men and women who may have begun to follow in the negative footsteps of their parents , who don’t understand the concept of foundation because their own was not stable , I’m aiming to reach the baby mothers an fathers who can’t understand why they can’t reconcile a situation that has to do with a greater purpose an future . Mistakes are rarely made with procreation . I need the understanding of those who feel condemned by society , those who may feel that being stuck in the current status quo is not all the possibility life has to offer .

A parent can’t teach a child what he or she does not know and leaving the education of your child to someone else is not negating the responsibilities Infact it increases your responsibility and duty to make sure that your child has proper teachings . Somewhere in the last 70 years Blacks have focused less on wholly educating them selves to technically and specifically educating themselves . Booker T Washington required you learn a technical trade as well as study academically in order to attend Tuskegee institute . Blacks have lost that drive for knowledge . I agree with republicans who say social programs need to be removed from the federal government , if there is nothing to depend on how can you be dependent ? What did the slaves or freed slaves depend on ? Social programs are relatively new how did people survive before them ? . When I say social programs need to go I mean them all , social security , health care , welfare , food stamps , housing , and unions . Only then will people be independent . But why wait for a catastrophic failure if you can practice prevention? If there is a way to survive this on-coming change of culture why not take the chance if it means keeping what little piece of your original culture u have left .

I’ve literally heard every positive plan from great men . But plans intertwined in customs an separated factions . No one seems to be basing their core on the least common denominator and the most agreeable tactics . No one seems to have the formation of a serious dedicated network framed within society but focused on our society. If We can take the economics of one person thru that practice empower an take the educational strategy of another, this places the perfect forum for those who posses knowledge and key evidence to keep teaching and inspiring more questions , training and educating historians to prove and disprove ancient African heritage . The structure for economic success is clearly in out face where ever we stay people open their establishment there . The only people that don’t profit greatly from Black people is Black people .