The Black Head Of HouseHold

The black head of household .

The dynamic of the black American household has shifted from majority male head of household to majority female head of household !
Why Has this happened ? And should we feel threaten by the circumstances or should we adapt to the current circumstance ?
If you study psychology , sociology , the feminist movement , cultural shifts , racism , sexism , migration , and the justice system a picture can be painted with clear definitions , clear features an attributes .
Out of the several reference books I’ve gone thru one main assertions is that black women lack available black men for cohabitation and procreation of the race. And every modern statistic verifies what those references project to be the norm , with 50 out of every 1000 black women having abortions added to the high black male incarceration rate multiplied by the lack of black male college graduates , then placed side by side with the black male mortality rate , a grim and depressing picture of the future for black Americans begins to take shape in your mind
Black men in America are an endangered species , the metaphorical castration has deemed us uncohabitable , we have become less potent to our women . We no longer stand as equals . And the ones that do either step outside of the black race for acceptance , or they move far away taking with them their experience and education . The lack of self sufficient self sustaining black economies is a direct relation to what is happing to black men in America
It’s not respectful to blame other people for your problem . This is true , but I will blame those who continuously stifle the progression of the Black community . Those who refuse to grant us ownership of businesses in our neighborhoods , those who intentionally hurt black owned companies . Those who continuously teach black children how not to be inventive and independent , how to succeed AF being a worker not a creator .
We see that during slavery , no marriage was safe from the Christian slave master , all violations according to the sanctity of the divine were violated , an slave men would die defending their wives or children from brutal treatment handed down by their slave masters . We see that black women had no choice but to calm their husbands angers an fears an mad us understand that we were better use to them alive then dead ! This made our warrior side docile . During the middle passage make slaves were changed an stuffed in the loading part of the ships while women were not chained but were subject to repeated rapes and beatings . Stories of slave revolts on ships are all started with the defense or offense of the Black women . Black women were so strong they even committed suicide by jumping over board rather then be enslaved by men not of their own .
The black women has always been the other half of the foundation of black men , black culture , and black pride . The black family has been idealized for well over 10,000 years , the black family has been structured for well over 10,000 years . The black family is the basis and premise of the first books in the Hebrew bible , acceptance of this fact really doesn’t matter . Today’s standards has drastically change the patriarchal system established by most African customs ! In ancient times when Hebrews were mainly African , men an women preyed in the temple together .
During the yamaasee war against native Americans , the state of Virginia offered south carolina slave men for monetary return an slave women .south carolina reject the proposal citing that “to separate the slave wife from her slave husband would incite slave revolts !” . Prior to the emancipation the custom of slave marriage was not recognized by the court of law , but it was recognized by white slave masters who even participated in the event . Marriage , family , community , and culture was all the African had under slavery that was of their own tradition until about 1830 when church doctrine started to become the normal tradition . The church used means of fear to promote or stifle what was seen as a rising population in effect the implying of hell for those who commit adultery . But the will of the church also meant that slave men could no longer be the authority figure in the slave family structure .
The slave male and female were never partakers of American culture until emancipation an for a time after that they rejected it and the old slave master accepted this fact .
Due to the constant sale of black men and women prior to emancipation polygamy was accidentally and purposely practiced , if this was not a prior custom in most African tribes it would have seemed taboo , an with the steady influx of Africans to plantations the slave masters were accustom to these traditions as well , once emancipation became law all the free black men we’re subject to bigamy and adultery laws , women were forced to choose between their old husbands and their new husbands , certain areas or plantations did not change . These may have been the Muslim taken from the north west Africa , but at any rate the plantation owners were reluctant to report on their workers
EQUALITY the basis for the democratic structure . We hear stories that the democrats were Infact slave owners an black haters of there time . But what we didn’t know that the structure of the democratic party is based on the structure of equality within the black family . But equality has main been a part of African structure . Women were always perceived as goddess in Africa , and had full divorce rights way before Europeans had the idea of what rights were .
The black feminist movement was not a movement geared towards women and women alone . Black feminist fought against not only sexism , but racism , classism and segregation . Black women fought in defense of their sons husbands uncles brothers fathers , black feminist understood the necessity of the black man . Black feminist built upon an already instilled feeling of courage, self pride and independence , equality , an peace with in the home
Black feminist paved the way for young black women attending college working the jobs running the companies ,black feminist raised the bar for white women .
But somewhere along the line of finding independence we as black nationalist an black feminist forgot to use our resources on an equal basis , an now we suffer greatly for it .
For black women it seems your men have become statistics , the good men are considered anomalies , and niggas ain’t shit ! On Tv were portrayed as sex crazy gangster killer thugs , dead beat dads , non intelligent , poor , dependent , waist full , an easily undercover gay . In your mind it’s funny , but the sub-conscious develops its own thought process an in most of the world sub-conscious the black man in America is the worst thing walking the face of the earth
Our women in order to recieve financial help from our supposed government has to lie to recieve food stamps or assistance or at least that’s what they told her . If she wants to live in public housing and your her child’s father if you have a felony or record she cannot move in with you by her side , on her taxes she claims the kids, I’m being modest with the title , black women are the heads of household already . Understanding the thought process an changing it is how we change the community then nation for the better
Talk is great but effective plans are needed , required , blk men and black women have to understand that the roles have reversed , maybe we need more stay at home. Lack fathers an working mothers , maybe polygamy is need to replenish our numbers , maybe home school and self economics will liberate us , but maybe it’s just to late an we are the next culture of people to go extinct from this earth !