American laws against freedom

America was to be the land of the free , granted rules and laws based on the preservation of humanity is required . But every new law restricts more of our freedoms as community , city , town , state , or country , we as Americans face laws against our religious practices , the color of our skin , the sex of our bodies , jurisdiction of our children , our practice of procreation , freedom is not free no , but the enormous grab of power , an set of control methods is a slap in the face to what the “founders ” perceived they were doing , it was the duty of men to right the wrongs of Britain , of enslavement , of injustice towards women , true words that all people are created equal Is self evident ,
Character assassination , negative depictions , and slanderous one sided media story project America to be a land of self hatred , I hate you you hate me , our kids hate each other for reasons they will never understand , middle class white America is given this picture that if blacks become middle class they’re gonna take over there neighborhoods and change the dynamic and culture of it , I point out that it’s to late with MTV and bet vh1 and the likes your children are a product or a piece of black culture already , but with that aside in all honesty , I don’t think it will be as such , people of likeness tend to congregate in certain place like robots did in irobot , it’s just a matter of American self sustenance self containing self surviving , the more we empower an employ someone more likely to send money over seas you deplete your own economy ! Hopefully you’ll wake up one day , well before its to late