How are Jim crow laws affecting top conservatives/liberals on twitter

Historians study history but usually at an angle that suits they’re present agenda . An history is complete with a compilation of artifacts and documents which makes it simply easy for anyone to propagate a specific fact about history. But history repeats its self time and time again . An those who study history are some time responsible for its repetitious pattern .
So what have we learned from history ? Personally ! I’ve learned that those in power and whom fear to lose it “enact” certain rules an laws to prevent its loss , and sometimes to even gain more . I’ve learned that laws used to suppress freed slaves are laws we as American persons believe are necessities today . From the stature of marriage to the state identification card all these tools were used to counter power threats and suppress people’s .
How does Jim crow resonate today against all people’s in the united states ? Laws , laws written thru tax , laws written thru jurisdiction , laws written to real property , laws written for criminalization . The law banning marijuana as an illegal drug was the efforts of one man . An it required no vote , no congregational approval , it had no substantial basis . Yet the repealing of this laws on the state level has no effect on the federal level . Laws ! Laws created to suppress people’s an their knowledge gained to create self-sustaining power outside the confines of the known and basic power structure .
Words are hollow unless backed up by substantial and legal evidence . To bluntly tell someone that they’re government has turned them into a domesticated animal for the purpose of economical gain , they flip you the. Bird . I for one use the simple tactic of facts , words not of my own saying but that of law or others whom have stated their speciality in the pertaining subject matter .
” the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution officially outlaws slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime. It was passed by the Senate on April 8, 1864, by the House on January 31, 1865, and adopted on December 6, 1865. On December 18, Secretary of State William H. Seward proclaimed it to have been adopted. It was the first of the three Reconstruction Amendments adopted after the”
At a glance you read that passage and say yes slavery was officially outlawed . But any person with an understanding of comprehension can clearly see the word “except” .
During the time the 13th amendment was ratified . Southern states were issuing what is know today as the black laws with a clear objective of negating African Emancipation . They essentially wanted to restrict the legal rights of freed Africans as well as Provide special criminal code for Africans .
The legislature enacted by southern states varied in suppression . 1865 was a horrible year for Africans but its effects are now in use today! The laws on Africans imposed stiff penalties similar to the likes in which we have today . South Carolina required Africans to pay $1000 bond to guarantee good behavior while within its borders . The list goes on but as you read these laws you realize they are substantially in use today as required law for all “persons ” with in the jurisdiction of the united states
The laws were as followed
-banned Africans from pursuing certain professions or occupations
-prohibited Africans from owning firearms or weapons
-controlled the movement of Africans by a system of passes
– required proof of residency for -Africans
-prohibited the congregation of Africans
-restricted Africans from living in certain areas
-prohibited Africans from jury duty , public office , and voting
-require all Africans to carry identification and notice of status
-prohibited interracial marriage
Now if you take the context of the 13th amendment , place it next to the status of a felon you have almost identical rights violations an suppression of persons by legal definition of status
Not only were all these laws unconstitutional they were superseded by federal stature .
What we have today in effect is the removal of the term African and a replacement of the word American
The main focus today is what has been coined “ObamaCare” or “ObamaTax” and all it really is , is the black code all over again . Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866 . The southern states simply repealed they’re current Black Codes and enacted what seemed to be “Nondiscriminatory” legislation , what they simply did was pass discrimination to local discretion ,
Now thru identification an residency laws blacks were again exclude or subject to laws that would under the 13th amendment make them slaves again . Even if Mitt Romney was to repeal the healthcare bill on the surface , those who were in power at the time simply have a plan already in the works to enact new laws on healthcare that affects all persons under the jurisdiction of the united states.
The emancipation of Africans sent southern whites into a panic , those who they once beat as property were now free men . They sought protection for their property , wives , and daughters . Laws governing the sexual relation between a black man an white women were under the penalty of death . Fear creates unnecessary confusion a if powerful people are in fear they will use all of their tools to fight it .
The united states corporation is in fear . As they create new laws to suppress persons under its jurisdiction . They mask these laws as necessities needed to govern. , I would think conservatives would stick to principles when government decides to grow beyond its means . But the pattern is the same the government uses tactics to make you believe that enslaving you further is necessary for the predication of your safety , in retrospect they make the slave forget he is a slave ! You have self segregated your self and cause and those same people in power have swooped in an funded both sides of what appears to be a war ! Woodrow Wilson during his presidency began to “Purge” Africans from federal positions. Shortly after Identification card for job applications was required , a tactic used to screen out Africans , Florida today is engaged in what they coined a “Voter Purge” history repeats itself as we believe the right thing is being done. It took 30 years for the 13th amendment ratification to be federal law . An in 150 years they have taken history an increased what was wrong with it in the first place .
Once the rights of citizens convicted of felony was restricted , it took no time to expanded those restrictions to other “persons” under it’s jurisdiction. Voting is fundamental to American society and any law regarding its suppression or non rights is unconstitutional , the government has been using suppression tactics since forever . In Utah the suppression of the Mormon vote was handled legally in court , Davis vs Beason §133 us. 333 -1890 stated that- the territory of Utah could deny the vote to anyone belonging to the Mormon church that taught such doctrine whether or not he believed the doctrine .
In the case the Mormon Church vs The United states §136 us. 1 – 1889 the court stated that a church that taught Mormon doctrine could have its property confiscated as being devoted to illegal activity
Why do I quote these case studies to awaken you to. The hard core facts , this government / corporation knows how to make up rules as they go along .

If the supreme court said that corporations are people’s / persons then understandably that gives you the right to corporatize yourself and afford yourself the same benefits an rights according to united states corporate law !