The lies and truth about marriage pt2


In a bond we tend to associate ourselves with certain language we may feel pertains to our situation , but upon further review we find that we are terribly mistaken ! Take for instance the word ” commit ” it’s definition has mostly nothing to do with romance or a bond between 2 people’s , ” commitment” either, Infact it’s probably more associated with insane assylums and institutions then marriage or love or relationships . We can find a few definitions regarding “commit” ” an agreement to do something in the future ESP to assume financial responsibility , the act of entrusting or giving in charge . This has nothing to do with love or marriage , corporations can commit to each other ,
What is a “Relationship” I presume you may think you know what it is , but you have to put that word in its legal term as well as its context ,
I just do happen to have both definitions and some

According to the encyclopedia of psychology
-relationship is – a connection between objects , events, variables , or other phenomena , research often includes study of Relationship between variables 2) a continuing and usually binding association between 2 or more people , as in family , friendship ,arrogate, partnership or other interpersonal links in which the participants have some degree of influence on each others thoughts , feelings, and actions .
This terminology in its original contexts has little if not anything to do with human characteristics specifically , if we take the core word ” relation” we see that it’s ” any kind of meaningful connection between 2 or more events or entities , ”
To associate these terms specifically to monogamous marriage is Infact wrong ,
Once we establish that in today’s western standerds marriage is an institution of the state under the jurisdiction of the church , an the church has always had a problem with matriarchal , and patriarchal society on the basis of property an inheritance , this is the reason most priest or popes are not to be married or have children , everything they have is to belong to the church including the congregation . Why is that important ? because it puts the origins of today’s marriage in the hands of a society we all know to be corrupt .
In modern society a marriage is not required where contractual law is recognized by the court . This one technique can spare what some deemed polygamist , a chance at other social marital traditions  , the practice of these in either form is a danger to the state and religious institutions. Once a people have amassed enough people of like minds , they can change the dynamic of a society , it’s culture , and customary practices . People with power cannot concede to such applications or practices . So they ban the practice ” as it is termed ” and implemented strict laws rules an guidelines for people who posed that threat
Paratithem -to entrust , commit to ones change
What is marriage ? But just a marital agreement -an agreement between spouses concerning division of ownership of marital properties during marriage an at divorce ,
When I study some of the marital systems set in place by Africans , the common practice of a bond based off cultural , economical And social Factors is key , love tho at the lower end of the spectrum is a practice that comes about , and the option of divorce was not as life draining and demeaning as it is in western society ,
Marriage is but a contract -an agreement between 2 or more parties/entities creating an obligation that are enforceable or other wise recognized by law .
Any law student will tell you , the state , nor the church , need to be involved in the matters of marriage an the separation of property , before them the rules of a culture was properly understood , divorce was not a major factor in the church prior to the. Church of England . Where we have a king so bent on leaving his women he cut ties with the roman church an started his own
Love has no definite meaning so it’s not predicated on the premise of a relationship or union , love is almost completely undefinable . But yet we still associate words with love , when these words may contribute minor attributes to the meaning of love but can never really explain love .
Most people are Cohabitant – the state or condition of living together as sexual an domestic partners . All other references do not include you or what u perceive to be a relationship , we are the selfishness generation we have the tendency to act excessively or solely in a manner that benefits ourselves even if others Are disadvantaged . We are self-interested on a pursuit for rewards and benefits that considered no other people , if your love is based on this attributes your love is baseless

To be continued !