A breakdown of modern civilization in one paragraph !


Let’s break this down for a second fuck with me this concerns you

” A domestic animal is one that is raised in captivity ”

Associate that with humans under government control

“for the purpose of economic profit to a community that maintains a mastery over its breeding , and organization of territory for food ”

We pay taxes an we are regulated by government , corporations and religious organizations , this goes to my blog on marriage an even as far back as slavery , if we associate this phrase with incarceration , contraception , and decease , we see a semblance of control over a domesticated entity person or people’s

“The domesticated animal is reproductively isolated from its wild counter-part and is expose to both natural and artificial selection ”

What does this mean to me , more control . Control over your marital choice , your selection of Mate , and your breeding of children ,
In the past slaves were breed with their captives changing their genetic structure an appearance making them more acceptable to their captives or ancestor ! This led to. An isolation of a certain breed of negro further separating the race and creating a new race altogether .

” interbreeding is still possible between domesticated and its wild progenitor Although mating pairs may look different ”

This can be summed up simply by each race has the ability to mate with another race unlike other primate species and or horse species

So what have we learned or what have I learned , that unless we undomesticate ourselves we will become no better then the cow or pig , those in control will be the ranchers , an we will be the herd , they will be the Shepard an we the sheep led to slaughter