The lies an truth about Marriage Pt1


Marriage is a word with many definitions , and meanings . To one culture marriage can be a divine gift given to 2 people by God , a hormonal connection between 2 spirits , becoming one with the true spirit and essence of love . But in that same region other cultures base there martial structure on economical an social tradition , love is not so much a factor As the survival of ones people and / or nation . Which tradition is right ?
We as individuals cannot pass judgement on societies or civilizations practices . We cannot judge whether or not something is wrong or right according to our personal beliefs , we cannot project ourselves on people’s , places or situations we may or may not understand or have experienced. What we can do us observe study and respect how others have chosen to survive on this planet .
We see marriage today as a relationship , a contract between people obligating themselves to each other for the necessity of economics, social standards, and survival ; individually and generationally , Forced marriage is a practice in use today based on economical survival, stand points , or cultural traditions . I DO NOT BELIEVE that a child bride is a just practice , but who am I to try and stop thousands of years of tradition ? Who am I to judge ? My own society shuns or forbids some of the relationships I have partaken in and there circumstances ,
Today’s western standards of marriage is purely a business structure. Authorized by the state and under the jurisdiction of the roman catholic church . Some people may want to dispute these facts , I’ve tried but the evidence has been put forward and I have found some of it.
In the encyclopedia of Christianity under the marriage section you begin to see a picture of how western culture first adopted the concept of marriage customs . They Then transformed these custom to gain more influence an power over a nation , a people , an thru the teachings of their religion .
By first revealing by church doctrine that “Marriage , or the interest of the state in this institution is mainly focused on arraignment for divorce ” in the same passage the book goes on to say
” the extensive acceptance of the jurisdiction of the church in the west from the 12th century onward made it possible for church authorities to enforce a standard form of marriage and the fulfillment of a standard set of requirements/ conditions if a marriage was to be valid ”
If you didn’t ask the question I will for you ” why do I need the church to validate my love or marriage ” ? Answer Obligatory Control ! The states control the marriage institution an in turn the state is also under the churches jurisdiction in regards to that matter an others .
Besides global corporations the roman catholic hutch is the biggest corporation on the face of this earth of not the biggest period!