On an unprecedented scale the level of Africans losing their core values an principles an adhering to other cultural traditions is to the point where even their god would not recognize them , their ancestors lack the admiration they deserve , Greek and roman gods only lasted as long as their civilization after the crumble those gods retained no power , African culture is an was always deep rooted in spirituality , the fact that Africans are more in-depth believer in all faiths forced an unforced , is testament of how deeply spirituality is embedded in their souls , we cannot blame civilizations faults on free thinking men , instead we must place it on those who have taken knowledge an used it for personal gain , we must always weed out those with evil intent , because once evil is used as a tool or weapon or power source the will an strength of good maybe overshadowed , if evils intent is to create a loss or suppression the intent of evil can create calamity destruction and reap havoc amounts evils victims !

So how is the African lost ? The African is you , you have lost your connection to the spirit world , to your ancestral lineage , you have lost your core your roots , you. Have lost your god an your devil , in retrospect you have lost humanity , we all have Lost our foundation which is the key to rapid growth and change