If there’s no strong black men what’s the meaning ?

I begin to think an wonder , ponder , internally debate whether or not black women of today really want strong men , I mean strong in a sense of independence an self pride , the cycle of black men appearing to be less substantial then white men has been so long and so great that black women are now latently placing black men in a lower category , small events are we’re most of this mind frame becomes prevalent , from honoring a request to feeling the need to control all aspects of a mans life , I could quote and paraphrase the lynch letter an compare it to today’s black relationship patterns an they would be identical , resentful harbored feelings lead to resentful actions , be it talking or acting out ,

We clearly know that behind every strong black man there is a strong black women , so if you say there is no strong black men or very few , your gonna also have to say there is no strong black women only few ! Is it controversial ! Hell yea ? Is it tru , only statistics can prove that , I’m am no expert but my observations leads me to believe that no one honors this phrase , no one is whole heartedly adhering to the potential that one phrase could have on their lives , instead we keep the. Latent hate we have for each other that is not hate of our own but the hate an oppressor taught us. An even with the knowledge of knowing that hate is not their own hatred , it’s so deeply imbedded In us , that we have no clue as to how to let it go , I find it sad , I see the fate of my son gloomy I have a fear that the women he takes for a wife will harbor the same hatred , I wonder if she will be the strong black women to make him the greatest he could be , I guess that’s the fears of a father , I cannot see the future nor can I predict it all I can do is hope that sooner then later all of my people will wake up an that sooner then later all people will wake up ,as a culture we need a clear and present structure as a people we need unity , and as a couple we need tru equality , words are only hollow if you pay them little thought , give them little credit assign them insignificant meaning we fall to the standards of oppressors !