I intend to repeat history

I intend to repeat history
If it is possible and god is willing I intend to start a new #BlackStarLine with the first ship being named #TheMarcusGarvey
I intend to have it fully funded by black dollars fully operated by black sailors an fully owned by black entities ,
I intend to do these things in hopes that my people have learned from the mistakes made prior an if I fail or fall victim to the same circumstances as Marcus Garvey an the black star line. It wouldn’t matter see what really matters is that we did it again we tried to do it for ourselves , I say I in a context of. We no man can man a ship alone , Infact I fear ships but I’m full of so much passion for my people an their greatness I’m willing to put my. Life freedom an honor on the line ,
All the talk in our community the conscience an those stick in the matrix is that just talk its time for a change it’s time for history to repay itself with lessons learned