To deny Egypt is to deny prior or post civilization

You cannot factor modern man with out factoring Egypt , an you can never understand what Egypt is until you understand geology as well as civilization , the Nile civilization is nothing more then your common cultural metropolis , early parts of this culture formed from
Southern intervention while the later half is an intervention of angles of the compass , when you find the same story or myths the same building techniques the same cultural traditions in different parts of the world based on different environments an done by different generations you have to wonder what is the origins of it all ? When you calculate migration patterns associate that with genealogy, factor that with cultural diversion you get a science an origin science with one main conclusion , early civilization was cultivated , cultured. Created , an centered in Egypt , most of what we have today is an improvement on earlier inventions sciences an techniques used in Africa , this is not to discredit the European or asian there invention an science was based on their environment an circumstance had those inventions in culture not been invented those people would not be here today but the basic fundamentals the core values were instilled from the first migration settlements , every society is altered or changed , most societies exceed their population limits an some people are forced to travel an take their culture to a new place start a new society in that instance , a new race culture an people begin To take shape after many generations these two cultures may even begin to war over the same resources , this is the process of humanity an civilization