The African state of mind today

What’s hard to factor for me is maintaining a structure that was not established or intended for my people , infact the culture , religion , an customs of my people were categorized as savagery , we were told in school slaves were captured an brought to America , not once did the mention the Ashanti wars or the coastal Africans slaughtered because they would not be taken to captivity or over run by another people’s , African of the interior never needed to fight for an abundant food supply therefor they were not war like tribes , the penetration an theft of these people weren’t done by Europeans we know this because European history can’t attest to any African event prior to the 1800 what they did do was use technology guns against one tribe which is easy motivation for the capture of another tribe , self preservation is the greatest human characteristic Muslim have found away to cut that part of the human brain out metaphorically , those who want to protect their seed will go to any means to do so , hence the capture of other Africans but mostly everything Africans have today is not African we have been stripped of nationalistic pride , an divided an dissected among each other to the point that there is no unity because the infighting an differences are so great , in a sense we have mentally become European , a mental change can lead to genetic change if given enough generations , African Americans cannot deny their European genes , but we realize our European traits everyday ,