Pan African family ,

Marcus Garvey is long gone , as well as Malcolm x but what they left behind was a manifesto of black liberation theology , a mind frame in which we set aside the difference for just one cause , equality , in the form of nationalism , what was started over 110 years ago , would have seemed to reach a climax then decline , Infact African unity was in America long before Garvey touched our soil , but oppression suppressed or destroyed what could have been at that time , the resurgence of the civil rights , the political awareness brought on by the black panthers , all contributed to the greatness we have today , but if we remain content or segregate our selves from one another , from each others economy , from each others views or knowledge or research or faith , we lack cohesiveness we lack unity , the first step to any organization of a civilization. Is to appeal to the common an not the difference , if the difference is debated under principle an theology faith an belief no gain can be made in the minds of men , if the common is encouraged nurtured an the crucial creation of a foundation of strength is created , the differences do t become divisive but they become even more of a unifying force , diplomacy is only good when leaders are willing to find the commonality , democracy only works when leaders have an understanding of their people , leaders only work if they have the hearts minds and trust of their people , it is more easy for the FBI to destroy African American organizations than it is break any other group , this is the effects of LynchSyndrome , the breaking of trust an the creation of envy , it’s gonna take generations to break the masses do leaders have to be made raised and bestowed with a message of pride dignity and reverence