The fear of religious loss

The fear of religious lossphoto

I pity the elder generation for not being able to understand the change that has occurred in a subtle way , with the age of technology came the age of mass information , an with mass information came the logical step of questioning information . no man of wisdom , hears something an does not question it , the mind of a slave is made to not question , an slowly , the slave mind has been broken an alterd I can’t say slave minds are not in existence , because the slave mentality has only shape shifted in new forms . Slavery itself has shifted  to a new form we describe today as mass incarceration , an privately owned prison institutions , the African cause is significant in breaking the slave mind an the unification of Africans to a global cause of African independence , African economical status , an African soverenty of its citizen at home an abroad ,
If we choose a religion in this fight of African resurgence , the African renaissance will die an be left to another generation , I personally wanna see the day when Africans board ships N planes an return home , I also prey we never send every African home , we will not leave anyone the chance of mass genocide on our people with out us knowing an being able to protect an defend our people on any face of this earth ,
With the African renaissance I can see great achievement , the control of African gold an diamond mines to Africans the control of African resources to Africans , the control of army , government. Constitution an welfare of African people in African control ,
The breaking of the European empire is required , an Europeans are willing to do what ever it takes to protect their Intrest , we see pictures of African savage tribes which we now know not to be true , this disinformation used for control, was the easy guiding stepping  stone to religious belief, the destruction of the Africa is how an why most religion’s flourished an still flourish today !