I hate a flagrant lie !

I watched a documentary on the great wall last night ! An a man , a white man , a supposed archeologist , or historian an he had the nerve to say the Chinese were far more advanced then the Africans or Egyptians as they call em ! But if the great wall was built in 640 bc an the pyramids were already standing for 2000 years prior how is that statement possible ? The composition of steel was also in Africa prior to all civilization , how can historians stand on TV or on stage or on radio or in classrooms an claim all history facts when they studied only one ? Or a few ! Everything I study historians I find black nomadic people bring technology out from Africa an nations improving on said technology ! The person who improved on an invention is not the creator ! I say this because history goes to the victor of the war ! I mean written history ! But archeology in its pure form always traces back to truth ! Language aswell can lead back to truth ! You must think these words an sounds are new , these words an sounds were all documented in African library , prior to their destruction by invading or occupying forces ! No great man would ever knowingly burn or destroy history but we seem to know of their history , to the winner goes the spoils , indoctrinations , slavery , religion , at a steady beat for over 600 years , history has been altered to the point were the Vatican has to hide truth an proof from the masses of people an you say the pope is god or Jesus on earth ! Keep him I’ll choose da one above , my only question is why persist in the lie of supremacy if u know the truth ! Why lie when your own evidence proves your ideology theory an beliefs wrong ! If I knew my fathers lied to me I’d denounce them an seek the truth ! But my fathers don’t know there history past the first freed slave ! A shame but my job is to keep digging for truth , no matter the reality of it , any person propagating the lie will have to answer for it one day !