Logic to emotions

My mistakes are great, always big , but when they afflict me it’s my problem I must accept shit or I caused it , this is the fear of life this is the days of man , emotions first logic to the side !

I have yet to be able to argue with logic against belief or emotions , no logical explanation can explain a suicide bomber nor can logic explain the emotions of women , in fact it is illogical to try an understand the emotions of a women ,

Some take challenge to blank truth , rationalizing their theory , belief , or emotions on or against fact ! How can you argue a belief or emotion if you do not share it ? How can you debate a teaching u do not understand ,? it’s almost impossible To break a repetitive state of mind frame . brainwashing Is ,an always will be a tactic used on man , it’s current form is media , an religion ! But who am I to explain logic ,
I stick to the belief in knowledge an fact !