Afflictions an me !

Each affliction condemn you more
Skin color

Each attribute has its draw backs depending on the position you wish or intended to take

I didn’t come to this realization lightly , today I came off the highway to a homeless women ! This women had a dog , a dingy army coat her hair was dirty an in locks she had a cardboard box an was asking for spare change , my instinct was to feel compassion , but then afflictions came to mind , then reasoning , then logic ,
How do homeless people feed dogs , is it better to be white an homeless or black an homeless , if she cleaned up , cut the hair washed her ass ! Slapped on some makeup employment wouldn’t be so hard , the same could not go for a black women or man , standards are different , afflictions are greater an tho you can cover up traditions beliefs social status , you can’t hide your skin color , thru study you would realize that black skin is the norm an that light pigment or albinism is the lack of color or blackness ! Logical it’s funny ! The abnormal has now turn the normal into the abnormal ! In only 600 years !
These facts are all undeniable but why do I feel confliction towards my oppressors children , the answer is clear I feel pity , pity that to have it all , all the control all the power , to understand where it came from would extinguish the fire of their supremacy theory, I shed a tear for the lack of knowledge , an even more for the miseducation of the people , greatness cannot come from here an now but from the study of the past as well ,

I pity the white women with the dog begging for money , but I can’t help her because that’s what her people are for ! I have to concentrate an help my people an until we stand on common ground or equal footing I have to keep this militant frame of mind


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