To the Black Leaders

To the black leaders

It is , or has become apparent to me an others that you all hold some truths within the resources you have been dealt , I cannot fault you , Infact I encourage you to study an focus even more on your task an as it applys to the Africans on the American continent ,

With the message you all give , the true African is called from within , surprisingly from whites as well as the so called negro ! I’m conflicted internally as to how to take my step as a teacher an what methods work in our community , we are an always will be a people of spirit ! An I believe personally the darker you are the easier it is for you to find the creators light , I say creator because I’m not sending this to your religion or your beliefs but your african I want to reach your inner African ! Put all your teachings in one place as well as the teachings from our great spirits , we know them well Booker T Washington , Marcus Garvey Nobel Drew Ali , Malcolm X , Martin Luther king , Huey and Fred ! They all adhere to the greater of this quote –

I am more afraid of an army of 100 sheep led by a lion than an army of 100 lions led by a sheep.

Fear is the only option , but it’s to invoke , to submit to fear is to loose before the battle , you can’t distinguish African influence from whites world wide , then you can explain their afflictions to be as black as they can be , from the women to their new generation of son’s who lust after the features of our women because the African inside him tells him , that’s the real way to preserve your fruit or legacy !

I simply propose an idea , the same as the ones crafted against our founding fathers , unity is stronger then the seperate group , I may be thinking wrong but if we unified the gangs once we can do it again , I wanna offer our next generation a controlling chance , in the order of Sam cook ,Sean combs, we need owners to franchise an help the youth , we need , teachers to refute factually the teachings of public education , we need plumbers , engineers , an we need it without assitances ,
You know it’s funny lately , I see things more then I should I call it my comedic third eye ! But I realized they exposed deep facts ,


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