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Tichina Arnold French Montana

Tichina Arnold gave French Montana the check out a lifetime on Instagram today! The rapper tried to poke fun at the “Martin” actress in a meme, and let’s just say she sent for him and went IN.

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Two weeks ago, French posted the following picture with a not-so-nice caption. “I wish Martin could see this right now. He would tear her a** up,” he wrote.


In response, Tichina gave the Moroccan-born wordsmith a nice-nasty read — Phadrea Parks style! In her post, the actress questioned the significance of Frenchie’s career and offered to contact him with individuals who have “serious inquiries” to help. Check out the classy read below, which hopefully brought the rapper back down to earth.

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Man oh man. Mr. Montana, I’ve perused (read through with thoroughness and care) your #instagram profile description, pictures & posts… but despite my determined effort…

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wow , never thought id see a video like this , but after a year or more of observing youtube , instagram , facebook , and twitter exchanges i’m not surprised , the youtube comments usually interest me, but instagram and a bathing suit sparked an internal scuffle between women, so much for feminism. i seen nothing wrong with the photo , but i never knew it existed until this video was posted , and the video to me was a sign of hurt , the female confidence is hard to build and easy to fall , i’m not saying jnice is broken i’m saying this is like that Tyra episode where she replied to comments about her weight . i read the comments much of which are inaccessible now , but purely of jealousy and and projected self hate. see what you can for yourself http://instagram.com/p/pRq7d5oCtf/ you judge for yourself

post fathers day , distractions against the loss

  not sure how many years it has been been but to be honest i see the twitter #hashtag #endfathersday and i know it specifically geared at black fathers, either way all i could thin of was to let you hear a man speak . shout out to Tariq Nasheed he saved me a dialog 

@IndyDynasty: #interracialdating and #failedrelationships http://t.co/IRRZ7VGpAj. # #Mindfoodmonday with @Vdubboogie #85877784457

this is the full Broadcast with the brother Nasi ,


we have to pick out the leaders in our community , nasi has stood his ground and presented leadership

as many times as i have done broadcast i’m always asked about Tommy Sotomayor , its every few shows , in fact i’m on the defense of him majority of the time , i have a blog sitting in draft now a whole conversation , the second i mentioned a Tommy video she lost her mind , i’m glad i got to see her true personality , starved for attention such a sad sickness , this conversation is typical but its why Tommy is relevant , and a logical conversation is what was needed for clarification

this conversation was sparked because fathers are losing out and children are being damaged , relationships can change people when there ending ,

The full broadcast


DjAlamo was a pleasure to speak with and add to what is @indydynasty #salute to you








Master of the Craft ,  @Just_Amaris ,Amaris Graham

who better to highlight then someone who is in the craft of Radio personality, it was Amaris and Glenn of Wpbradio.com that really got me focused on what i as doing as a broadcaster. Now that i’m in a more better position and rising in more then just a one field i have to thank those kind words.
so here is my thank you ,
y’all gotta catch Amaris on social media, best tweets and Fb post y can imagine and its all relevant , i for one like to listen to her interviews she has the game down. Research that which i have lacked on is important to interviewing artist and celebrities ( remember this if you want to go that route ). A person ho has more restrictions then me as a broadcaster is doing her thang
so I Salute @Just_amaris for the grind and shout out her team at @WpbRadio for scoping her up
Frank johnson would be wise to keep her around

i had to review this video several times, do i have the time at the moment to dive deeply into the source references, what i do have time t d is share this with you , let yo decide on what the information presents. Dr Phil valentine is would say like me , we see from a different perspective then the collective , am i as deep as him ? NO , am i standing in my own path ? Yes. I Listen to my Elder Brothers those with a message , i listen to my younger brothers who present the same substance. Good people this is yor choice on what t believe , all i can say is Find the lie for i will try.


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